Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

What I learned from Voyager Season 6

Equinox Pt 2: HoloDoc's liking for his friends is somehow tied in with his ethical subroutines.

Barge of the Dead: The Klingon after-life really exists.

Alice: You can fall under the infuence of an alien ship, and it still won't hurt your chances for promotion.

The Voyager Conspiracy: You can pretty much use facts to prove anything.

Pathfinder: If your nutbrained scheme actually works, it doesn't matter what you do to prove it. In the future, doctors can tell everyone about your medical history.

Fair Haven: The Irish are simple folk.

Memorial: If you come across a device which messes with people's heads and could potentially one day give someone actual brain damage, the proper thing to do is give it new batteries.

Tsunkatse: There will always be professional wrestling. and The Rock.

Collective: Borg Babies are made of rubber and disappear soon after you save their life. Five Borg kids can run an entire cube.

Spirit Folk: The Irish are simple folk, and use nets to capture people. It's OK to play tricks on your mate by turning his girlfriend into a cow.

Ashes to Ashes: A day is more than enough to tell whether you can adjust to living somewhere.

Child's Play: Breeding your kid to emit a pathogen lethal to Borg and then sending him out in a shuttle might be a good tactic, but it's also bad parenting, m'kay.

Good Shepherd: if crew members aren't working well, throwing them in at the deep end with a few mind-controlling parasites and imminent death is the best way to help them adjust.

Fury: you can do the same time travel plot again and again.

Life Line: The HoloDoc is so necessary to Voyager that they can do without him for a month. The Federation is uses holographic characters for menial work.

Unimatrix Zero: If you play computer games when you should be sleeping, there will be consequences.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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