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ST:V, Unimatrix Zero (Part 2)

The menu de la saison is Full Metal Voyager.

Unimatrix Zero (Part 2): While they attempt to deploy the Borg virus, Seven tries to interact with her ex-boyfriend.

Last time on Star Trek: Voyager: *deep breath* mutant Borg strain causes individuality to manifest in MMORPG experienced while drones are regenerating, but Seven 'o Nine is able to tap into the MMORPG from afar. Janeway, Tuvok and Torres invaded a Borg tactical cube to release a virus so that drones with the mutation can retain their individuality in the waking world, and were caught and assimilated.

Tuvok and Torres attempt to proceed to the central plexus, which sounds like a muscle group (These exercises will really tighten your central plexus!) while Janeway gets a laser pointer fitted. It says something that both the title sequences of both TNG and DS9 were changed partway through the series, but Voyager's was constant. Get it right first time!

Voyager trails the cube. Chakotay sends Seven back into Unimatrix Zero to warn everyone. The Klingon tells her that her ex-boyfriend is MIA.

In the cube, the trio reach the central plexus and work on deploying the virus. Tuvok starts hearing the collective - Janeway says the neural suppressant is wearing off. Meanwhile, the Borg Queen is irked she can't "hear" the newly assimilated drones.

In Unimatrix Zero, the guerilla warfare continues - Seven tracks down her ex and they share an uncomfortable conversation. Hey can we stay in one place for more then 2 minutes? Sheesh.

Janeway and co gain access to the plexus, but Tuvok continues to hear the Borg Queen's voice.

Paris expresses his concern to Chakotay re how long the away team has been on the Borg cube. Chaks is content to wait and tells him to mellow.

At the plexus (uh, that doesn't look much like the previous one featured) Torres starts injecting the virus, but Tuvok has joined the collective. When they go to leave, Tuvok blocks them. More drones show up... Voyager turns up to retrieve the away team, but when they go to attack the cube, the Borg use Voyager's access codes to shut down the shields. Voyager makes a tactical withdrawal.

However the virus is in effect - the Borg Queen realises drones are leaving the collective. Tee hee hee! She has a holo-chat with Janeway, who says if they try to assimilate Voyager, Chakotay has orders to delete the HoloDoc. Queenie starts self-destructing vessels with affected drones on. Queenie says Janeway must communicate with the rogue drones and tell them to rejoin the collective. Janeway says she should try visiting Unimatrix Zero.

On Voyager, Seven reports success with the virus while they work on repairs and a plan to rescue the away team. HoloDoc figures out Seven and Axum used to have a relationship, and... Hell, he just used the "coming from you, that's high-praise" line.

In Unimatrix Zero, the rogue drones work on a plan. Axum tells Seven that he's located on a scout ship at the most distant point from Voyager, but they decide to resume the relationship anyway. Their love is so doomed. Later, at daybreak, one of the kids runs into Queenie, who's popped in for a visit. Oddly, even in Unimatrix Zero, Queenie is green-lit.

Queenie shows Janeway that they've mutated Voyager's virus to destroy the affected drones - either Janeway tells them to return to the collective, or Queenie releases the virus in Unimatrix Zero. Janeway appears as a hologram in Sickbay, and informs Chakotay and Seven of the situation, and drops a hint, which fortunately Chakotay picks up on.

A Borg sphere turns up at Voyager - piloted by rogue drones. They organise to disrupt the Unimatrix Zero frequency, destroying the distribution method for Queenie's virus. Janeway goes "nyah nyah!" at Queenie.

Voyager and the sphere attack the tactical cube. Seven pops into Unimatrix Zero and finds Axum and they have one last hug before the place disappears. Queenie instructs the cube's selfdestruct, but Voyager manages to beam the away team out in time. HoloDoc extracts their implants, and then Janeway and Seven share a moment. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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