Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Imperfection

Imperfection: Seven's cortical node starts malfunctioning.

Voyager's finally found a home for three of the Borg kiddies. Icheb is staying on Voyager. So, what about that Borg Baby they rescued at the same time, huh? Mysteriously forgotten about it, haven't they? Maybe Neelix accidentally cooked and ate it, and they're covering it up. CONSPIRICY! Later, Icheb points out to Seven she's crying, and she says her occular implant must be malfunctioning. Riiiiiiiight.

Seven goes for a checkup anyway, and HoloDoc says it was, actually, a malfunction. He also tells her off for not telling him about the headaches she's been having, and threatens to tell the Captain, at which point she brings up the whole Doctor/Patient confidentiality thing.

Later in astrometrics, Icheb tells Seven that he wants to work on the bridge and wants to take the exam for entrance to starfleet academy, and then take lessons from Tuvok. Then Seven goes to regenerate, but the computer says her cortical node is malfunctioning. Neelix finds her in the mess hall drinking nutitional suppliments. Then she falls over and HoloDoc says her body is trying to reject her implants.

Janeway sods off in the Flyer (they fixed it already?!) along with Tuvok and Paris to look for replacement nodes in Borg debris. Oh, wait, she has a discussion with Icheb first and tells him Seven's sick. Icheb goes and annoys Seven for a while. HoloDoc tells him to give her some space because she's angsty.

Janeway and Tuvok find a dead Borg and nick his cortical node. But then some aliens appear and complain about the intrusion in their debris field. Janeway and co hightail it out in the Flyer...

Neelix brings Seven flowers, Seven looks like she's about to do him bodily harm, and HoloDoc uses reverse psychology to goad her into playing a game with him... but then Janeway gets back with the cortical node and they start the operation. BUT IT ALL GOES HORRIBLY WRONG! Fortunately they were simulating it on the holodeck, of course. The node won't work cause it came from a dead drone. OMG SHE WILL DIE!

Meanwhile, Seven's won 16 of the 18 games she's played with Neelix so far. Janeway and HoloDoc break it to Seven that the node won't work, but they're working on contingency plans. She's not convinced.

Seven escapes from sick bay and Torres finds her in engineering. Hmm, Torres has gone back to the straight haircut. Pity, the frizzy hairdo looked good on her. Seven grumps about the afterlife, and Torres gives her a pep talk before the HoloDoc finds them. Torres talks him into letting Seven stay in Engineering.

Seven tells Icheb she's dying, and he becomes upset, unsurprisingly, and starts working on his own solution. Unfortunately his solution is to give her his node, which HoloDoc says will probably kill him. He thinks he'll be able to survive using genetic resequencing. Come on, man, you turned two salamanders back into Janeway and Paris, this should be a piece of cake.

Seven reviews pictures of Earth, and there's a random reference to Lyndsey from Ashes to Ashes. I am so sad for spotting that. Seven thinks she's disappointed Janeway cause she's not as individual as teh other crewmembers who've died on the voyage. Janeway poo poos this. Oh, the love! Come on, snog!

HoloDoc and Icheb talk to them about Icheb's plan, but Seven doesn't want to risk Icheb's life. Seven uses gallows humour to attempt to lighten the mood. Then Janeway and HoloDoc find Icheb in the cargo bay, having disconnected his cortical node. He so suicidal! They beam him to sickbay, where he and Seven argue. Icheb tells her she should rely on others, and she caves.

Nodium extractum. The operation is a success, and Seven regenerates for six days. Meanwhile, Icheb isn't recovering as well, but Seven tells him she's going to help him study for the astrometrics exam, and then she criz, and HoloDoc has to give her an exam again to make sure she's not malfunctioning. Awww, bless. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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