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ST:V, Repression - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-09-29 21:13
Subject: ST:V, Repression
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
Aaaaand Prime's finished playing the new Doctor Who series. Now we just have to wait for them to schedule the Christmas special...

Repression: Tuvok awakens Maquis mind programming in some of the crew.

Hey, look, a DS9 escapee. Looking at pictures of the Voyager crew and chanting. And then the title sequence. Most. confusing. pre-credits teaser. ever. Or not.

Paris takes Torres to a recreation of a 20th century movie theatre. They watch Revenge of the Creature in 3D, and then find a crew member in a coma in the front row. Yeah, John Agar in 3D will do that. Just ask Mike and the bots.

HoloDoc discovers that the crewmember had been attacked, and Tuvok starts an investigation. And has a hunch that the responsible party is a crewmember. More crewmembers are attacked and suffer identical injuries. Chakotay points out all of them are ex-maquis, and warns the other ex-maquis to be alert.

Paris and Kim work on a way to recover a sensor image of the assailant from the Holodeck. Tuvok's investigation continues, pissing off Kim because he's a potential suspect. Tuvok complains the investigation defies logic. One of the crewmen revives, but doesn't offer any helpful information. Chakotay finds Torres in a coma in cargo bay 2, and Tuvok attacks him then gives him a quick mind melding (oer!).

Tuvok complains to Janeway he's having no luck. She tells him to go mediatate, which he does, and starts remembering attacking the other crew members, and finds the bruise from where Chakotay hit him, then starts hearing voices.

He goes and informs Janeway and Kim, and starts hallucinating the Bajoran chap from the pre-credits teaser. They confine him to the brig, where he continues to hallucinate. Janeway checks out his email and finds a hidden signal from the Bajoran chappie. Chakotay recognises him as Tiro, a Maquis mind-control specialist. Seriously, you'd think a Vulcan would be able to covercome a mind control technique. Sheesh.

Janeway helps Tuvok mediatate to help him recall what Tiro ordered him to do. Tuvok recalls and sends a code signal to Chakotay, who starts acting oddly, and stuns Paris and retrieves Torres from sick bay. Chakotay and co take over the bridge while Torres takes over engineering. They stick Janeway in the brig and release Tuvok.

The Maquis crew pilot the ship to an M class planet to drop the Star Fleet crew off. Chakotay decides to test Tuvok, in case he is disloyal again, and he attempts to shoot Janeway. Once they are alone, he mind-melds with Chakotay (again). He and Chakotay retake the ship and release everyone. That was, erm, abrupt.

Some of the crew go to the holocinema to watch "Attack of the Lobster People" (not a real movie, sadly. Nearest title match was Attack of the Crab Monsters, which wasn't in 3D, but was made around the same time as Revenge of the Creature)...
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