Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Critical Care

Critical Care: The HoloDoctor is kidnapped and put to work in an unethical hospital.

Hmmm, vaguely star-warish looking world... a chappie nips in to a hospital to sell them the mobile emitter. HoloDoc appears when the mobile emitter is activated and is like "WTF?!"

HoloDoc is reluctant to help at first, but his ethical subroutines force him to treat patients.

Meanwhile on Voyager, Paris and Kim find the dummy HoloDoc program running around in Sickbay. Janeway demands to know how the saleman managed to evade security measures. Ha! Neelix feels bad because he may have helped the saleman by making him sick(!)

HoloDoc hits red tape, and makes a friend among the patients. He's dragged off to Level Blue, where all der high-TC patients hang out. TC is based on how relevant the people are to society.

Voyager tracks down the warp trail from the trader's ship and finds a decoy bouy. They nip over to a mining colony, only to find the ore they got off the trader was stolen and begin tracing him.

HoloDoc has mounting horror at the allocation of resources and preferential treatment he witnesses. He nips down to Level Red to find the patient he befriended has taken a turn for the worst, so he pops back to Blue and nicks some medication.

Voyager continues to follow the trail left by the trader. And Janeway pretends to be married to Tuvok. Hee.

HoloDoc treats patients on Level Red happily, with the help of his wee friend and a sympathetic doctor. Later he successfully scams the doctors on Level Blue.

Voyager tracks down the trader's ship and they take him into custody.

HoloDoc discovers the patient he treated on Level Red has been moved to the morgue, and the administrator has found out about his reallocation of resources. The administrator hooks him up to the computer so he's automatically transferred around to patients.

Tuvok and Neelix do the good cop/bad cop routine on the trader. Uh oh, he's eating Neelix's cooking. And Neelix says only the HoloDoc is authorised to administer the antidote.

HoloDoc calls on his doctor friend from Level Red - he has A Plan. The other doctor smuggles him down to Level Red, where he injects the administrator with something nasty. The computer now thinks the administrator is the low-TC patient who died, and refuses to dispense medicine for him. Blackmail!

Voyager reaches the planet and attempts to make contact. Unfortunately the administrator is indisposed and having trouble finding someone who will treat him. Reluctantly, he agrees to letting them treat people from Level Red.

HoloDoc and Seven play doctors and nurses, and she gives him a clean bill of health, despite him poisoning someone. Yaaaaaaay! Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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