Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Inside Man

Inside Man: A hologram of Reg Barley is transmitted to Voyager, and claims to have found a way to bring the ship home.

And once again, Voyager!

They missed last month's infostream from Star Fleet, so they've been eagerly awaiting the current one. Seven and Kim find that it contains a hologram of Reg Barclay who announces he's there to bring the ship home. Unfortunately this is scary Mary Sue Reg, and you can never trust a Mary Sue.

HoloReg explains that they're going to open a geodesic fold in space to provide a short-cut. HoloDoc lends him the holo-emitter so he has free run of the ship while he organises everyone. Paris isn't optimistic. HoloReg hangs out with Seven and tells her Star Fleet is planning massive celebrations.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Reg is looking at why the datastream they sent to Voyager didn't reach Voyager, apparently being either intercepted or disappated. His boss tells him they're going back to standard data transmissions and he should go have a holiday.

HoloDoc doesn't think the inoculations will be effective, but HoloReg persuades him otherwise. Voyager transmits a reply to Star Fleet and a progress report, which is also intercepted by a Ferengi ship. Gah, Ferengi. So annoying.

Reg locates Troi on a beach and asks for her help. Troi suggests Reg's ex-girlfriend has something to do with the hologram's disappearance (eh?).

HoloReg is doing impressions of the senior staff. Paris is still skeptical. About the getting home thing, not the impressions. HoloReg starts getting violent when HoloDoc asks for use of the emitter. See? EVIL MARY SUE!

Admiral Paris helps Troi and Barclay interrogate Reg's ex. Gee, they won Admiral Paris over quick. Troi asks for five minutes along with the ex and comes out with the information they need.

HoloDoc talks to Janeway about the Reg hologram, and she agrees to give him a checkup.

RealReg works on a way to foil the Ferengi's plan to get hold of Seven's nanoprobes. The Ferengi initiate a pulse to create the geodestic fold...

HoloReg knocks out Seven before she can warn the bridge about the radiation in the fold... Eeek! Star Fleet fakes a message from Voyager and persuades the Ferengi to close the fold. As the fold starts to collapse, HoloReg transports himself and Seven to an escape pod and heads for the fold... but the Ferengi receive only an empty escape pod - Voyager beamed the occupants out.

Reg works on a new hologram with better security protocols, but Troi drags him along to a dinner and a blind date. Teh end.

Tags: star trek: voyager

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