Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Body and Soul

Body and Soul: When they're attacked by holophobic aliens, the HoloDoc is forced to hide in Seven's Borg implants.

Ze Delta Flyer is following a comet. Seven suggests disabling HoloDoc's vocal processor might help the time go faster. HoloDoc shows off the bits of comet he's collected. The man's passionate about his work, I'll give him that much. Then the Flyer is attacked by aliens. Oh no, did not see that coming.

The aliens think they've holographic insurgent on board. The aliens use some sort of disruption field to try to wipe out the HoloDoc, and board the Flyer. Seven tells them their beam deleted the Doc, but the aliens think the HoloDoc's comet samples are going to used to create weapons, and Seven and Kim are taken into custody. Later in the cell, Seven says she's really the HoloDoc - Seven downloaded him into her implants and now he's in control. Also, Harry Kim smells.

On Voyager, Tuvok is starting to go through Pon Farr. Paris says he'll cover for him.

SevenDoc enjoys eating. Possibly a little too much. Their captors remove SevenDoc, and take him to the captain, who asks for a demonstration of the food replicator. They eat cheesecake. Dude, you're going to ruin Seven's figure. And then they get drunk, but she manages to get the mobile emitter back.

They return HoloDoc to the emitter, and Seven bitches at him for abusing her body. They come up with a sort-of plan to contact Voyager, and HoloDoc is reinserted into Seven (oer).

Hey, the tactical officer is Frank Black's wife offa Millennium. She and SevenDoc treat a patient and chat about the photonic insurgency.

Paris is less than successful in treating Tuvok, and suggests that he uses the holodeck. Tom Paris, holopimp. So Tuvok makes a hologram of his wife on the holodeck and goes to do some shagging. Then aliens turn up and say they've detected photonic activity and start zapping Voyager. Janeway disables their weapons and gives them the finger. Unfortunately no holosex for Tuvok, but at least they get to fly through the aliens' terratory.

SevenDoc's treatment of the patient is a success, unsurprisingly. The alien captain shows SevenDoc a pulsar they're passing by, because he fancies her. When he snogs her, SevenDoc throws him across the bridge and storms out to complain to the tactical officer. Then she has a back spasm, and gets a backrub from the tactical officer. Then there's a hilarious misunderstanding about her Borginess, and she's called back to the cell where Harry is faking a seizure.

Seven ejects the HoloDoc again and bitches at him abotu abusing her body some more, then they argue some more. HoloDoc thinks Seven should indulge more... but they new have a plan to contact Voyager. SevenDoc invites the alien captain to the Flyer and waltzes with him. Then sedates him.

On Voyager, Neelix is annoying Tuvok again. But then they get a hail from SevenDoc, much to their surprise. Voyager disables their escort and goes to warp. Janeway's been a little un-PC this episode...

They turn up at the alien ship and demand the prisoners back. Seven ejects the HoloDoc again, and disables the shield. The captain attempts to re-enable them, but the console explodes, injuring him. HoloDoc says he'll die without surgery, and persuades them to let him operate. After his life is saved, the captain is a bit sheepish.

Later Tuvok thanks Paris for the holosex, and Holodoc and Seven have a meal together. Teh end.

I am uncertain if that was supposed to be a comedy or not...
Tags: star trek: voyager

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