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ST:V, Nightingale - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-10-03 19:03
Subject: ST:V, Nightingale
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
OMG, I almost totally missed an ep!

Nightingale: Harry Kim assists some aliens and gets the opportunity to have his first real command.

Wooo, Voyager's set down on planet for major overhauls. Hey, there's Icheb. I thought he disappeared, like the baby. Janeway assigns him to help in engineering. Meanwhile, Kim, Seven and Neelix are out in the Flyer scanning nebulas for dilithium when, surprise surprise, they're caught in the middle of a battle. Cue title sequence!

Kim decides to make like a tree and get the hell outta there, but receives a distress call from the ship under attack. Neelix persuades him to get involved, so he uses a Cunning Plan to overload the weapons array of the aggressor, and they beam over to the damaged ship to help casualties. OMG! It's the preacher from Firefly! They want him to fix the cloak in case the baddies come back, so he sets about work.

Torres attempts to get Icheb interested in recreation and invites him to go rock climbing. Yay!

Kim and co have finished fixing the ship, but the problem now is no one on board knows how to fly it. They ask him to fly the ship as they're carrying medicines for their race. Kim says he'll take them as far as Voyager. When they reach the planet Voyager is landed on, they find three warships in orbit.

Apparently the Onari are trading with Voyager, but Kim's friends tell him that the Onari are likely to try to win their trust before turning against them. My head hurts.

Later Kim and his new friends meet with Janeway and she mulls over the new dilemma. Kim wants to pilot his friend's ship home, and so Janeway sends Seven with him.

Icheb goes to fix one of HoloDoc's emitters, and asks relationship advice. The poor fellow thinks Torres fancies him.

Heh, Paris thinks Kim's hiding a girl on the other ship. Neelix says he's not allowed to be indecisive any more.

Kim is enjoying being a Captain a little too much. They halt the ship because the power core is fluctuating. Heh, Seven tells Kim off for giving orders then carrying them out himself. The cloak starts failing again, and the ship comes under attack. With some work, they get the cloak back online and get out of there. But Kim realises that the "doctor" is not a doctor at all.

So it turns out they're really a military mission: they're trying to get the prototype cloaking device back through the enemy blockade to their world. Kim is relieved of duty.

Paris challenges Icheb to a race on the holodeck. Icheb talks to Torres, who tells him he's got the wrong end of the stick, but he says they should stop seeing each other anyway. Erm...

Kim sulks, but Seven plays devil's advocate and pursades him to resume command and help them reach home.

The Onari tell Voyager they've found out Kim has been aiding their enemies, and are very unhappy. Woooo.

Kim comes up with a Cunning Plan to evade the Onari. They send the scientists down to the surface of the planet, then use the Onari tractor beam as a slingshot to escape through the planetary shield.

Later on, Kim returns to Voyager and tells Neelix he's not a captain, "not yet, anyway." Teh End.
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