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ST:V, Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood: The holograms are revolting!

Launch! *Stingray theme*

A forest, much like every other forest we've seen on the show so far... and two Hirogen going for a hunt. They're ambushed and killed by Federation peoples.

*has a wee snooze while the title sequence plays*

HoloDoc asks for some time off to attend a conferance, but Chaks says no. Then the ship recieves a Hirogen distress call. They find a Hirogen station and Chakotay takes an away-team aboard, arriving in the jungle. Tuvok finds two dead Hirogen, and Seven locates a Battleth buried in a tree. Finally they find a young Hirogen and have to avoid being shot at before he collapses. Seven locates a holodeck control - the whole forest is a holodeck. Seven shuts it down and they find dozens of Hirogen corpses.

The sole surviving Hirogen explains the place is a training facility. The holograms malfunctioned and deactivated the safety protocols, allowing them to kill the Hirogen.

A Hirogen ship turns up and attacks Voyager. It takes a phaser shot for them to start communicating. The survivor explains the holograms sodded off in a ship equipped with holoemitters. With the Hirogen's help, Seven locates the rogue ship, and they help the Hirogen go after it.

They reach the ship - unfortunately it's a decoy hiding a bomb, which heavily damages the Hirogen ship, then the real ship full of holograms turns up and attacks Voyager while they're beaming survivors aboard. The holograms steal the HoloDoc and sod orf.

HoloDoc bitches at them for killing the Hirogen, but apparently there are wounded holograms on board.

Torres points out that the holograms have learning ability, and are just doing what they were programmed to do - fight back. Janeway gives the Hirogen survivors a nice wee lecture and says they're going to come up with a Cunning Plan instead of rushing in half-assed and getting blown up again. Panties.

HoloDoc works with a Casdassian hologram called Kajal to fix the affected holograms. He discovers the Hirogen programmed them to bleed and feel pain. The leader of the holograms, Iden, explains how he was repeatedly killed by a Hirogen, and eventually escaped and began liberating other holograms. He tries to persuade HoloDoc to stay, but he wants to go back to Voyager.

Then Iden lets HoloDoc relive the memories of a hunt, cause he's nice like that. HoloDoc is surprisingly pissed off about this, and the holograms agree to return him to Voyager. But he wants to hear more. The holograms want to set up emitters on a planet and settle down. HoloDoc says they need the help of Voyager's crew and they reluctantly agree.

Voyager catches up with the hologram ship, and HoloDoc tells them the holograms want peace. He tries to persuade Janeway that they should give the holograms more holotech. They then discuss neutering the holograms, much to HoloDoc's alarm.

The Hirogen in the mess hall get ornery, and one of them accesses the comms system, calling in reinforcements. Janeway suggests they transfer the holograms to Voyager's systems, but Iden objects.

HoloDoc defects to the hologram ship, and they use his tactical data causing a surge in Voyager's systems, then they pinch Torres and get the hell outta dodge.

Torres is a bit annoyed. But she had a look at their photonic field generator anyway. She's also a bit disturbed that the engineer she's working with is a Cardassian hologram, cause of the whole Maquis thing.

Janeway, Paris and the Hirogen engineer talk about blame, and the engineer wants to help. The Hirogen warriors are annoyed, but after they hit each other a bit, they let him stay on Voyager. Soooo, Janeway and co work on a Cunning Plan.

Torres talks to Kajal about what they're going to do with the technology she provides. HoloDoc tells Iden he's thinking of returning back to Voyager, but Iden shows him the Y-class planet they're going to set up home on - inhospitable to organics, but fine for holograms.

The Hirogen hunters catch up with the hologram ship, which hides in a nebula. One of Hirogen ships goes in, followed by Voyager.

HoloDoc talks about the arts and so on - Iden says flesh stuff will be banned, and says he's going to start a new religion with L. Ron HoloDoc as its god. HD tells Torres that Iden appears to be developing megalomania. Eeeexcellent.

The holograms go off to liberate more holograms. They attack a ship and grab three mining hologram slaves, before destroying the mining ship. HoloDoc asks for an escape pod already.

Torres helps Kajal bring the three mining holograms up, only find they're mindless drones. Iden starts yelling. Dude, give it a rest.

The Hirogen and Voyager track the holograms to the Y-class planet, and Voyager disables the two Hirogen craft, then goes after the hologram ship. Iden orders the Hirogen survivors transported to the planet surface.

The holograms transfer themselves to a holoprojector on the planet and start hunting the Hirogen. Hmm, no clipping mode! Torres tries to persuade Kajal to help, and she shuts down the holograms other than Iden, who's using the mobile emitter. They send HoloDoc after him.

Iden fights a Hirogen, but then HoloDoc catches up and shoots him. The Flyer beams up the HoloDoc and remaining Hirogen.

Kajal and the Hirogen engineer sod off in the hologram ship. HoloDoc apologises to Janeway, but she decides not to punish him. (No spankings! Doh!) Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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