Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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ST:V, Shattered

Thus far, season 7 isn't exactly the best of the Seven of Nine seasons...

Shattered: Voyager: the Greatest Hits (remixed)

OMG, rare appearance by Naomi, assembling a puzzle with Icheb. Chakotay is hiding his plonk in the cargo bay. Ahhh, Janeway's burnt dinner again, so obviously she's dismantled the replicator. Then Voyager hits turbulence and zapped by a temporal anomaly or something. Chakotay is also zapped and looks a bit injured.

He recovers in sickbay where HoloDoc says he was chronologically scrambled. Then Chaks mentions the mobile emitter and HoloDoc is all WTF?

Chakotay returns to the bridge, and is treated as an intruder - the bridge is in the Caretaker pre-Delta Quadrant timeframe. Janeway orders him taken to the brig, but the escort vanishes, and he nips over to engineering. Unfortunately engineering is in the timeframe when Seska and the Kazon were in control of Voyager (Basics). He tricks them and escapes.

It's just as well his clothing was also zapped, or he'd be running around starkers.

Chaks returns to sickbay, and explains what's going on. Oh, he says the serum HoloDoc gave him allows him to pass through the timezones. er, that doesn't explain his clothing.

He goes back to the bridge, and manages to persuade Janeway he's on her side, then drags her through a temporal rift. He takes her to astrometics, which is far in the fuure where Icheb and Naomi are adults who say Janeway and Chakotay died 17 years ago.

They go to the cargo bay to find Seven, only to find it's the Scorpion timeframe, and Seven is still a Borg. They come up with a plan to undo the ship fragmenting. Janeway's eyebrows are now somewhere near ceiling level.

Chaks tells HoloDoc off for imparting too much future info. I should say she's seen too much already... Later they get attacked by one of the creatures from Macrocosm. Janeway laments it looks like it's going to be one disaster after the other. Then they end up in the Captain Proton sim and Janeway is mistaken for Queen Arachnia again.

I hereby rename this episode "Voyager: The Greatest Hits".

Janeway says she's going to cancel Paris' privledges. Then they find Torres and co from the end of Caretaker when they were still Maquis and suspicious of the Star Fleet crew.

In sickbay, they find Neelix and Paris treating people. Neelix gives Janeway a peptalk before she spots Tuvok who's badly injured and then DIEZ! OMG! Janeway is very depressed and says she wants to change the future so Voyager doesn't get trapped in the Delta Quadrant (er, but Tuvok and Chakotay still will be cause they were on the Maquis ship). Chakotay tells her it's not all doom and gloom, and Voyager did a lot of good in the Delta Quadrant.

Back in engineering, Chaks persuades Seska to allow him to inject the gel packs there with the HoloDoc's temporal serum. Seska says she's going to bring the ship into sync with her own time frame so she can ensure that the Voyager crew don't retake the ship.

With the help of crew from the other timeframes, Janeway retakes engineering. Then everyone returns to their own timeframes, but Janeway first asks Chakotay if they done sex in the future.

Chakotay initiates the pulse, and then realigns the deflector dish to repel the temporal pulse. Voyager sods off, with no one except Chakotay any the wiser. Janeway asks him about it, but he just looks smug and doesn't tell her anything. Git. She knows where he's hidden his plonk though.

Teh end. And it was teh wank.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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