Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Lineage

Questions I've thought of concerning previous eps:
Shattered: when they hit turbulance, why does Chakotay head for engineering instead of the bridge. Doesn't he trust Torres to do her job? Sheesh.

Flesh and Blood: So holoemitters can create holograms on the other side of a rock wall? And holographic phasers are as deadly as the real thing?

Lineage: Torres and Paris make a baby.

Torres seems to be in good spirits. ... what was that bit with the ensign about? She catches Seven letting Icheb near the warp controls, then falls over. Icheb tricorders Torres and discovers she has another life form inside her. OMG! ALIEN! No, Seven just says she's preggers.

Wait, Trek characters don't have sex. It must be ALIENS!

HoloDoc says she fainted cause she's a half-breed. Apparently the odds against human/Klingon pregnancies are high. Torres doesn't want to know the sex or anything, and is disturbed when Paris calls her "mommy". As you would be.

They want to keep it secret, but Icheb already told everyone. And Neelix volunteers to be the godfather. Janeway and Chakotay fawn over Torres. Kim tells Paris no more late nights on the holodeck and racing the Delta Flyer and generally makes fun of him. Ha! Then Paris asks for fathering advice from Tuvok. Tuvok says "You should anticipate paradox". And expect the unexpected?

Paris and Torres grumble about people giving advice, then Torres gets PMSy and admits the HoloDoc warned her about the mood swings.

HoloDoc says the baby will have a wonky spine, and is a girl. He's going to use genetic modification to fix it. Nyah! Paris asks if HoloDoc can extrapolate what the kiddie will look like. The baby is made of CGI and looks funny. And has forehead ridges, which disturbs Torres.

Torres has a flashback to her youth and the other kids making fun of her.

HoloDoc has added subroutines. and planned parenting classes. He does the genetic modification and Torres later runs more simulations to see what the kid will look like at 12. Then fiddles around with the kid's genome. Hooray for fiddling with genetics!

She argues with HoloDoc over whether to make the changes. He's very dubious. Paris thinks she's nuts too. Torres thinks she'll have a rough time if she's half Klingon.

Um, ask Naomi. She's half-Katerian! She has no problems. And it's not like there are any other kids on board!

Torres asks Janeway to order the HoloDoc to make the genetic modifications. Janeway says their problems are marital and she's not going to order the HoloDoc to do anything.

Harry's moved on to the saxaphone?! Paris moves in with him to escape Torres for a while, while Torres has more flashbacks to her "traumatic" childhood while violins play, and not in an ironic way either.

Chaks invites Torres for coffee, and then runs away leaving her with Paris - Kim snores, apparently - and they make up. Then HoloDoc says he's done an analysis and says the changes Torres proposed are actually going to be necessary due to complications down the line.

Paris asks Icheb to look over the HoloDoc's findings, and he finds a computational error. Seven finds the HoloDoc's program has been tampered with, and he's right now about to start the GM operation on Torres.

Paris and Tuvok arrive at sick bay and they force the door open and stop the op. Paris and Torres start The Argument and it turns out Torres has daddy issues. She tells Paris about the camping trip in the flashback and how she blames herself for her dad scarpering. Paris says OMG! I'm not your daddy! an then they cry and hug.

Torres fixes the HoloDoc and apologises to him. Then she lets him feel the baby kick and offers him the job of godfather, and they look at the crappy CGI baby again. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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