Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Repentance

Repentance: After a bunch of prisoners are retrieved from a ship in distress, HoloDoc manages to cure one of his violent tendancies.

Voyager beams survivors from a doomed ship aboard, only to find that it's a prison ship, and the two wounded are prisoners, one of whom promptly takes Seven hostage.

After the title sequence, Seven belts him, and he switches to holding HoloDoc as hostage. Sadly for him, his prisoner's a hologram, and Tuvok promptly shoots him. The warden arranges for another ship to turn up so the prisoners can be taken away from execution.

The prisoners are moved to specially constructed cells. Neelix tries to serve food, and the warden tries to turn him back, but he points out Star Fleet prisoner protocols cover the treatment of prisoners.

Meanwhile, Seven works on holoDoc's program, which was damaged by Tuvok's shooting. He says he's not comfortable with delivering the prisoners to CERTAIN DOOM! Seven plays devil's advocate.

One of the prisoners, named Iko, appears to be a sort of a sadistic hannibal lector type. After he provokes the guards, they beat the crap out of him before the Voyager security stop them. Janeway gives the warden a stern telling off and bands him and his men from the cargo bay where the prisoners are being held.

The HoloDoc treats Iko. Meanwhile Neelix talks to one of the prisoners, who says he's a victim of racial profiling. Neelix takes a look at crime stats and finds that the prisoner's race does seem to be unfairly represented in the stats. Paris says Neelix is a soft touch.

Iko complains he's feeling guilty over the man he killed. The nanoprobes HoloDoc used to fix him appear to have rewired his brain to be non-psychopathic. Iko rambles at Seven at length about how he looked at stars when he was young.

Neelix plays Kadis Kott with the prisoner her befriended. Apparently in their culture, the family of the victim chooses the punishment. Neelix agrees to send a letter to the prisoner's brother.

Iko gets emo and says he deserves to die. HoloDoc shows Janeway and Seven that Iko's brain has been rewired to be normal and says Iko is no longer a threat to anyone. They talk to the warden and work on an appeal for Iko, but Iko says he deserves to die. Seven compares Iko's previous condition to when she was part of the Borg collective, but he's not convinced. They put him back in his cell.

The appeal is turned down - the victim's family didn't even consider it. Janeway thinks Seven is feeling guilt over her actions when she was Borg.

Voyager comes under attack and the cells are disabled, allowing the prisoners to escape. Iko remains in his cell, but the other prisoners raise a ruckus. Two of them take the warden hostage and ask for a shuttle. Iko tricks the other prisoners and hands the warden a gun, dispelling the insurrection.

The warden persuades the victim's family to hear Iko's appeal. Meanwhile, Neelix says that the attacking ship was the brother who they sent the letter to. tsk.

Iko looks at stars in astrometrics, and then Janeway says the appeal was denied. Bummer. Seven feels ex-Borg guilt, but Janeway says losing 20 years to the Borg was punishment enough. Teh end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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