Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Prophecy

Prophecy: Some Klingons who think Torres' baby is their messiah turn up.

Voyager comes under attack from a Klingon battleship. They still think there's a war on, evidently.

Janeway points out that (a) the Federation and Klingon Empire are at peace, (b) Voyager could whip their arse no trouble, and (b) Voyager has a Klingon chief engineer. Captain Kolar seems overly interested in Torres' pregnancy and returns to his ship after swearing he won't fire on Voyager again. Torres goes "WTF?"

The Klingons debate over whether Torres' baby is the person they've been looking for. They cause a warp core breach on their vessel, forcing Voyager to beam aboard some 200 or so Klingons before scarpering priors to core breach. Kolar explains he has a sacred text which says to voyage to a distant part of the galaxy to find the savior of the Klingon people, who will lead the Klingons to a new empire. Torres goes "WTF?!" Paris cracks jokes. Janeway gets Tuvok to sort out security, and the crew doubles up on quarters to give them somewhere to sleep.

The Klingons seem to enjoy Neelix's cooking. Neelix attempts to interceed in a fight, and fails. Kim has a go and ends up courting a female Klingon, Because. It's. Funny. And speaking of funny, Neelix has ended up sharing quarters with Tuvok. Much to his discomfort. And Neelix says he's going to sing Klingon drinking songs.

Torres finds doing her job difficult with Klingons trying to worship her, so she transports back to her quarters and complains to Paris. Janeway says some of the Klingons have gone on a hunger strike until Torres meets with their council.

Klingons are weird.

Torres meets with the Klingons, some of whom are disturbed that Torres is half-human and the baby is only a quarter Klingon. One of the Klingons gets pissed off and leaves. These are obviously pussy Klingons. Normal Klingons would have started hitting each other by now.

Kolar later says that he only said Torres' baby was the messiah because he wanted to end their long journey through space. They decide to look at the sacred scrolls to see how well Torres' life matches up with it, and Kolar takes Torres through some remembrance ceremony thing.

Kim pops up in Sick Bay with injuries from the mating ritual. HoloDoc says he has two options: kill her or mate with her, and gives him written permission for interspecies relations. (what, they need notes now?!)

Torres tells stories of her battles to the Klingons. The orney Klingon makes a fuss and challenges Paris to a fight to Mortal Kombat. Paris accepts. Janeway says no deathmatch. Kolar says there's a provision for a non-lethal contest with blunt weapons and Janeway agrees.

Neelix finds Kim hiding in Jeffreys tubes because the female is still trying to mate with him. Neelix slaps Kim around a bit and the female decides he'd make a more suitable mate.

Round one, FIGHT! Paris battles his Klingon foe, and wins! Der Klingon falls over. Kolar says he's dying of a retrovirus which the Klingons are all carrying. HoloDoc says it's only contagious to Klingons, and examines Torres - she and the wee baby have already been infected.

The ornery Klingon says that the fact Torres has been infected means the baby isn't their saviour and starts organising a mutany. They take over the transporter room and transfers most of the Voyager crew down to the surface of the planet. Some Klingons beam onto the bridge and engage in a phaser fight with the crew there, but are swiftly beaten.

Meanwhile, the HoloDoc has come up with a cure for the retrovirus using stem cells from Torres' kiddie. The ornery Klingon looks a bit embarressed that the kid was their saviour after all. The Klingons set up a colony on the planet.

Tuvok finds the door to his quarters locked - eventually Neelix and the Klingon female emerge and Tuvok finds his quarters have been trashed. Kolar presents Torres with a Battleth for her baby. KA PLA! Torres hangs it on the wall, despite Paris wanting to play with it. Teh end
Tags: star trek: voyager

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