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ST:V, The Void - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-10-09 18:26
Subject: ST:V, The Void
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
The Void: Voyager is sucked into a Void and comes under attack from other ships.

Seven is cooking. "Preparing meals myself is the best way to ensure quality." Zing! Seven is a seasoning nazi though. Then Voyager is pulled into a grey swirly thing and ends up in a void. That would be the title character then.

Immediately they come under attack, but another ship turns up and fights it off, before attacking Voyager itself and transports stuff off before warping out of there. Seven reports the place is a total void, except for ships in various states of (dis)repair.

A chap named Valen turns up and briefs them on the Void, but poo poos their ides about escape. He's a bit of a dick.

Torres reports they're using power at ten times normal rate because of the technobabble flux. They work on a plan to escape - Seven has one insanely risky plan. The first attempt... does not go well, and the warp core goes offline. And they're running out of deuterium, so they locate the vessel which nicked their deuterium. But it's already been destroyed. They beam aboard a piece of the ship, but an injured alien comes along with it. The alien is mute and won't let HoloDoc treat him.

They work out Valen was the one who destroyed the ship and nicked the deuterium. They knock out his shields and snag their stuff back. Chakotay and Tuvok think that they should have nicked Valen's food as well, but Janeway is Sticking To Her Principles. She thinks a better plan is to make alliances with the other ships. The recruiting does not go well at first. Seven grumbles about Janeway giving stuff away for goodwill.

HoloDoc names the wee alien "Phantomi". Phantomi appears to enjoy opera. Seven starts training him with a music-based language.

A new ship enters the void, and Voyager moves to protect it. The new ship sems to be the aliens from Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy. Another ship turns up to help - they've decided to join up with the alliance.

Time passes. There are now more ships in the fleet, and Phantomi is now fluent in his musical language. One of the people says Phantomi is vermin - his species hide on ships and steal food. Janeway offers to remove them from his ship and he agrees to join the alliance.

The vermin species that they beam aboard start learning the music language.

One of the aliens gets hold of a polaron modulator - by force. Janeway gets pissed off and kicks him out of the alliance. He goes and makes an alliance with Valen and prepares to attack Voyager.

Work continues on a means of escape. They make another attempt with their fleet after a final showdown with Valen and co, and successfully escape. The other captains give thanks and sod off. Teh end
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