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ST:V, Workforce

Workforce: The crew of Voyager is abducted, brainwashed and put to work on an alien world.

So here we are on alien planet #45564578. Hey, that's very big-movie incidental music there. Janeway is off to work. In a power plant. And being terribly perky.

She almost starts a core overload. Whups. She befriends one of the other employees who appears to be called Jaffa, and they're both told off by Seven, who's the new efficiency monitor. Jaffa invites her to socialise, but she declines.

At the bar, Paris is attempting to find a job. The owner hires him. Then later on, Tuvok is laughing along with others in the bar. And Janeway meets up with Jaffa. And Torres pops in briefly, and looks around looking glum. Later still, Janeway and Jaffa walk home, and Jaffa invites her in, but she declines. The next day, they get radiation injectionsm but Tuvok has fear of injections because some some vestigal memory from his past.

Meanwhile, Chakotay, Kim and Neelix return to Voyager in the Flyer. Kim is sick because of something foul he drank while trading. They reach the rendezvous point - no Voyager. On Voyager (adrift in a nebula), the HoloDoc is trying to make repairs to get the ship operational. The computer detects intruders on the bridge, so he wanders up to take a look, and finds Chakotay and Kim. HoloDoc explains that Voyager hit a mine, and the crew had to desert the ship in the escape pods, leaving him in command. After the Voyager came under attack by aliens, he hid the ship in the nebula.

Back on the planet, Tuvok remembers more of their assimilation into the planet's workforce and sweats a lot. He talks to Janeway and tries to persuade her that they knew each other. Jaffa suggests he visit the infirmery, but he sods off. Janeway goes back to flirting with Jaffa.

Paris engages Torres in conversation briefly and chats her up a bit. She points out she's pregnant as ask if he's still interested. He looks confused. Heh.

Chakotay and co repair Voyager slowly while trying to locate the rest of the crew in Astrometrics. Kim still feels sick. Puss. He manages to locate the crew finally though.

Janeway burns dinner again, so they shag instead.

Voyager turns up at the planet, but the local authorities are unco-operative and tell them to get lost. The planetary shield preventes them from simply beaming everyone up, so they make a tactical withdrawal.

Janeway and Jaffa have post-sex coffee. Paris tries to chat Torres up again and offers to introduce her to other parents. *suddenly wonders where they have Naomi Wildman working*

Chakotay and Neelix go for jobs at the power plant, flying in Neelix's ship, while Kim and HoloDoc argue over who's in charge.

Seven complains to Tuvok that he's been skipping anti-radiation injections because of his needlephobia. Tuvok mindmelds with her and shares his memories before he's dragged away. The next day, Chakotay replaces him. Chaks talks to Janeway, but she doesn't remember him. Meanwhile, Tuvok gets another injection. Scary!

Neelix talks to Paris in the bar. He claims space travel makes him sick. HA! Chakotay turns up, and he and Neelix swap notes. Paris flirts with Torres some more. Tsk, hitting on a pregnant woman. Jaffa asks Janeway to move in with him, and she agrees. He could be an axe murderer!

Neelix and Chakotay ambush Torres and Neelix beams to Voyager with her. Unfortunately Voyager comes under attack, and Chakotay is left to fend for himself on the planet surface. Security chases him down a dead end.... END OF PART ONE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

*puts in next disc*

Chaks fights with the two security officers, and wins but is wounded.

HoloDoc uses a cunning plan (SHOCK COMBO!) which knocks out the two pursuing ships, and they retreat to a safer distance.

Janeway talks to injured Chakotay and he's stunned to hear she's decided to move in with Jaffa. With that massive cliffhanger comes... THE TITLE SEQUENCE! Later, security asks Paris about Torres.

Voyager hides in a moon crater. HoloDoc checks out Torres and says it'll take some time to undo the damage. On the planet, the doctors are trying to "treat" Tuvok. Seven has hallucinations remembering her life on Voyager, and looks for Tuvok.

Janeway moves in with Jaffa, and finds Chakotay hiding in her old place. He explains that he helped Torres get home and asks her for help.

Hey, that picture Torres has is a screen grab from "Drive". Tsk. Neelix shows her around her quarters and she starts to remember her old life. Hahahaha! Their crib has a mobile with starships and birds of prey hanging from it!

Janeway gets a medical device from the power plant for Chakotay. Meanwhile, Seven hacks into the computer to locate Tuvok. Chakotay tells Janeway abotu Voyager while she treats him. Then Voyager contacts him for a status report, and he has to break it to Janeway that she's from Voyager too. Chaks proves it by using the dermal regenerater to undo his disguise, revealing he's human. But then Janeway calls security on him, and they take him into custody. During the exam by security, more people turn up and take him away to have his memory rewritten.

Ah, the ultimate test - Torres tries Neelix's food. And reads Paris' journals.

"B'Elanna got shirty at me again today because I spent too long in the holodeck playing Captain Proton with Harry, and missed our dinner date. :( Current mood: rejected."

HoloDoc tells Kim that he wants to keep being a command hologram, and wants Kim to program a new medic. Then Chakotay gives them a ring, but *HORRORS!* he's been brainwashed and is leading Voyager into a trap! One of the doctors treating Chakotay may not be evil and is wondering what they're doing.

Seven talks to the security officer about the sudden arrival of a hundred or so humans and assorted species, including herself, and her not being able to remember the hospital they went through. Seven goes to hospital to check out where Tuvok has gotten to, and speaks to the non-evil doctor.

The security officer talks to Janeway and asks what Chakotay told her.

The non-evil doctor is perturbed and realises that the evil doctor has been brainwashing people, and the evil doctor points out that the corruption goes pretty high up.

Paris helps hide Janeway, Jaffa, Seven and the security officer. Janeway and Jaffa go to the power plant to try to contact Voyager, while the security officer and Seven go back to the hospital and harrass the staff.

Janeway contacts Voyager, and they ask her to try to shut down the shield grid. Then ships attack Voyager, and security catches up with Janeway. But with Jaffa's help, she escapes and they head for the main generators.

Seven and the security officer locate Tuvok and Chakotay. Kim uses a Cunning Plan to escape the alien ships. Janeway shuts down the power plant, and Voyager beams up the crew.

Later, the whole conspiricy is blown open, and the authorities thank Kim and the HoloDoc. And Torres and Paris watch cartoons. Janeway and Jaffa make tearful goodbyes. Aaaaaand then Voyager pisses off. Teh End.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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