Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Human Error

Human Error: Seven carries on a romance with a holosimulation of Chakotay.

Somebody's learning to play the piaaaaaaaaaano. Oh, it's Seven. Why does she need the metronome? Surely her Borg implants can h- oh, it's the title sequence. *blink*blink* Sometimes they have the silliest pre-credits teasers ever.

Oooo, a baby shower. Janeway talks to Seven, who's had the rest of her Borg implants removed. Oh, yeah, this is a dream sequence or holodeck proggie or something.

On teh bridge, they detect energy discharges ahead, and Seven ends her holodeck program. They're planning a surprise baby shower for Torres. Shouldn't be too hard to surprise the baby, anyway.

Seven returns to her holodeck program where she obtains quarters, and talks to HoloNeelix about interior decorating. How do you hang drapes on windows which are tilted toward the cabin? HoloChakotay drops off a dreamcatcher. And she and HoloChakotay appear to be bonding. Or something. And they make a date.

Later, in the real world, HoloDoc gives Seven a checkup and sings Klingon lullabys. One of Seven's shoulder bits is out of alignment, and probes into what she's up to in her spare time. O.o

Shockwaves hit Voyager, knocking out warp drive. They work on a way to evade the explosions.

Icheb relieves Seven under the HoloDoc's orders so she can regenerate more. Instead she drops a gift off to Torres. Then asks her about hair care. Then she goes back into her program, puts on a little red dress, and has her date with HoloChakotay. Where did this sudden interest in the ship's first officer come from?!

"You have an intriguing facial structure." Egads, Brain!

When did Voyager turn into a chick-flick? Annnnyway, Seven has a David Lynch dream until she's interrupted by RealChakotay calling her to astrometrics. They've located a warning beacon warning them that they're in a weapons testing field. Seven is distracted because of the shagging with HoloChakotay, and vaguely irritable.

Aaaaaaaaand back on the holodeck, Seven plays piano to HoloChakotay. Because no one's interested in seeing things blow up! No, here's more Seven-pretending-to-be-bonking-Chakotay. Again, WTF?

Though I will say Jeri Ryan is dead sexy in that black outfit.

Seven gets upset when Chakotay says she's playing too emotionlessly. She tries again without the metro-gnome.

More explosions, and Seven gets back to astrometrics to help guide Voyager through the shockwaves and crap. Janeway tells her off for not being at her post and asks her about the amount of time she's been spending in the holodeck. Seven says she's working on a new gravometric array.

Seven goes back to the holodeck and dumps HoloChakotay. but he lectures her on not walking awa from her emotions, when Seven collapses and the HoloDoc is called in. He says her cortical node is shutting down...

Later in sick bay, he asks her about the holoprogram, and she sheepishly tells him she misses Unimatrix Zero.

Torres gets warp working again, and they make like trees and run for it. Unfortunately now the weapons are aiming for Voyager. They try various things to get rid of the incoming warhead - Seven's plan to transport out the trigger works just in time.

HoloDoc tells Seven her cortical node is shutting down because she's experiencing emotions but he can operate. Seven says no, she'll just discontinue the holoprograms. I cheer, though fully expectating that they'll talk Seven into it anyway.

Later, Chakotay tells her she should socialise with the crew more, and then the episode ends.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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