Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Yay! New DW Roadshow Booklet!

All the Doctor Who DVDs come with a wee booklet inside listing the BBC range of DVDs and audios. Revelation of the Daleks has a shiny new one with the Eccleston logo on it.

One of the previous revisions had some terrible spelling errors in - "John Pertwee" for one. But the new Eccleston-flavoured one has got a few clangers:

"Horror at Fang Rock On a world of pure pleasure, the Doctor and Romana must stop a plot to clone an army."

"Revelation of the Daleks Starring Colin Baker and Patrick Troughton. The second Doctor is kidnapped while on a mission for the Time Lord."

Maybe I should offer to proof read in return for finally putting the NZDWFC contact details on it in addition to the DWCA... :P

The really silly bits are where they refer to the Doctor by the actor's name: "William Hartnell returns to Earth to find the Daleks have conquered it and are using human slaves to remove the planets core" makes it sound like they actually shot William Hartnell into space. Also, OMG SPOILERS!

"Jon Pertwee is called in to investigate an abandoned mine infested with deadly giant maggots" He moonlighted as a mine inspector?!

"The destruction of Earth by a bomb planted by the Cybermen is prevented by Peter Davison." I must thank him for saving the world next time I meet him at a convention. :P

And as JeffStoat points out, the blurb for Vengeance on Varos is a bit vague: "Trouble with the TARDIS for Colin" (Four episodes of Colin trying to fix the TARDIS! Wooo!)

But my favourite is the blurb for Tomb of the Cybermen: "Patrick Troughton defrosts the Cybermen's freezer". HA!
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