Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Natural Law

Natural Law: Seven and Chakotay are accidentally trapped beneath a barrier on an alien world.

Chakotay and Seven zoom over a jungle planet in a shuttle, and hit some sort of energy barrier. They're forced to beam out before the shuttle is destroyed. Nice crash sequence!

Chaks has an injury. Yaaaaaaaay

Meanwhile, Paris commits a piloting violation in the Flyer, and the penalty is piloting lessons. Janeway says he has to take them because they're THE LAW.

Seven and Chaks find some natives, but they're primitive and pre-warp. Chakotay starts developing an infection. Greeeeat. He hides while Seven goes to look for useful bits of shuttle, but the natives find him and break his communicator. Later on, Seven finds them treating Chakotay's wound. Chaks says they should stay.

Kim, Torres and Neelix make fun of Paris, but he reckons he'll be able to skip right to the test. But then ther instructor turns up and he's determined to stick to the book.

Meanwhile, back in the A-plot, Chakotay is learning the native's sign-language. Seven says she's found the bits to construct a beacon, but Chaks is too injured to go, so she goes alone. Then she falls over and drops her tricorder down a hole. Seven is having a bad day. Meanwhile Chakotay finds the natives are copying his tattoo.

Seven stumbles around in the dark, and then it starts raining on her. Then a native girl turns up, gives her a cloak and makes a fire. Awwwwwwwww.

The instructor complains about the design of the Delta Flyer. I thought he said this was going to take 4 hours? On the planet it's the next day!

Seven wakes up and accepts food from the native girl, then they go to look for the bits of shuttle. They end up at a badly CGI'd triple waterfall.

Chakotay asks for help in finding the missing Seven, and the natives show him the collection of junk they've accumulated from the shuttle crash.

Seven finds the shuttle nose finally, and sets about fiddling with it.

On Voyager, they've noticed Chaks and Seven are missing, and find a bit of shuttle on top of the barrier. The locals say that aliens put the barrier up to protect the natives and the don't know how to lower it. They examine the bit of shuttle, and realise they can use a similar means to breach the barrier, but the feedback might damage the ship.

Chakotay catches up with Seven, who says that the barrier is preventing her from sending the signal, but they might be able to transmit from nearer the edge. With the help of the natives, they drag the piece of shuttle there.

Voyager attempts to phaser a hole in the barrier, but the feedback is too great. Tuvok suggests using a torpedo.

Seven starts up her thingee and it deactivates the barrier, but the native girl is zapped. Chaks beams up while Seven takes care of her. But then the other locals turn up and start with the colonialism.

Back on Voyager, they discuss whether or not to raise the barrier again. The locals are disappointed that Janeway wants to transport up the shuttle bits, thus raising the barrier again. They send a ship up which knocks out Voyager's transporters.

Janeway sends Paris orders, and he leaves the training course to go beam up the colonial survey. The Flyer's transporters are knocked offline, so he flies down and phasers the shuttle deflector, reraising the barrier.

Seven is worried the colonials might be able to duplicate her modifications to the deflector array and get back into the barrier, but Chaks says she did what she had to do. Righto. Teh END!
Tags: star trek: voyager

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