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ST:V, Homestead

Homestead: In which Neelix finds some more Talaxians and helps them.

How do you replicate a jukebox? It wouldn't fit in a replicator. The HoloDoc is dubious about the food. Oh, they're celebrating "First Contact Day". And a rare season 7 appearance by Naomi.

Fortunately Neelix's dancing is interrupted by Chakotay turning up with the news that they've detected some Talaxians in the vicinity.

Voyager cruises up to the asteroid belt, then Paris, Tuvok and Neelix jump into the Flyer to go look. Neelix continues ribbing Tuvok about dancing, until Paris says "Don't make me come back there." Seriously. The Flyer comes under attack, and they "land" on the Talaxian asteroid. You know, they should have put wheels on that thing.

Neelix talks to Dexa, one of the Talaxians. They appear to be xenophobic. Ohhh, a wee kiddie named Brax. But Neelix is a prisoner, by the looks.

Voyager prepares to send another away team in, when another ship turns up, and the aliens say it's their asteroid field. They're miners who are using mining charges to break apart the asteroids - that's what the explosions were.

Gosh, this is exciting.

Neelix talks to Brax. Then Dexa reappears with Oxilon, the leader of the Talaxians, who releases him. Gosh, what unfriendly bastards. Dexa tells Neelix there are some 500 people in their colony and takes him on a tour and then back to the Flyer.

Once the fix the Flyer, they detect an intruder. Of course, it's only Brax. Neelix take him back and finds that the Talaxians and miners are arguing, because the miners are going to demolish the asteroid to make way for a hyperspace bypass. Neelix gets into a fight with the miners and suggests they leave. They give a time limit of three days to evacuate.

Neelix invites the three Talaxians back to Voyager and takes Dexa and Brax on a tour, then Naomi turns up to show Brax the holodeck, while Neelix takes Dexa back to his quarters for some wine and some rumpy pumpy.

I'm about to drop off to sleep here.

Damn, Neelix copped out on the rumpy pumpy. Probably just as well.

Janeway attempts to negotiate with the miners, but all they get is a deadline extension. After Neelix breaks the news, Dexa grabs Brax and heads for home to start packing.

Neelix talks to Tuvok about defending the asteroid, but says it would be a violation of the Prime Directive for him to do so. I thought the Prime Directive only applied to pre-warp civilisOh I don't care any more. Tuvok drops subtle hints that Neelix should help the Talaxians himself. He just wants rid of Neelix, I'm sure.

Neelix shoots over to the asteroid and sets about helping them set up a shield around the asteroid to protect it. He also snogs Dexa a bit. While they put in the emitters, the miner ship attacks them, and the Flyer has to come to their aid.

Neelix says goodbye to the Talaxians and returns to Voyager, where Janeway gives him an out so he can stay. So he pisses off. Tuvok waggles his foot a bit.

Then Neelix goes back to the asteroid and sexors Dexa. Teh End.

Why? Why get rid of Neelix three episodes before the end of the series? Why?! There is no context. My brain esplode.

Go on without me! I'm done for!
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