Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man: After Janeway returns from an away mission saying that aliens want them to surrender the warp core and settle down, suspiciously strange things start happening.

Ha! They're so tired of HoloDoc's singing, they've kicked him out in the Flyer. Oh, Janeway's there too. And annoyed because his singing woke her up. HoloDoc says he's happy being a hologram - sod being a human. Word. Janeway gets a coffee.

Then they run into turbulance, which is the cue for the title sequence to start.

On Voyager, Torres and Vorik are trying to fix soemthing, but Paris lures her away for a romantic lunch. Torres says she's too busy, so he eats the fried chicken. Janeway returns and tells Chakotay that the Flyer ran into some highly advanced aliens who've banned warp drive - the punishment is to have Voyager dismantelled. She says she negotiated giving up the warp core and instead settling on an M-class planet.

Janeway then works on some bizarre plan involving towing the warp core by tractor beam with Torres, and Torres informs Chakotay. Janeway... is acting funny and probably hearing voices. Quantum Leap crossover! Chakotay looks perplexed and goes to sickbay. The HoloDoc transports in. Eh. Chakotay tells him to give Janeway a physical, as he's worried that she's gone a bit funny.

In Astrometrics, Chaks gets a transmission from the aliens. Then goes and checks up on the HoloDoc and then Janeway. Then OMG! he tricks her and realises it's not the real Janeway! She knocks him out with a tranq shot, then sticks him in the morgue (They have a morgue?! Far out!)

Janeway returns to sickbay and turns into the HoloDoc. It was heeeeeeeem all along! Janeway has been kidnapped by more of the aliens like the ones who spied on the HoloDoc's daydreams. Hey, that was a pretty good Chakotay impression. HoloDoc (as Chakotay) is called to the landing bay where Tuvok says he's suspicious.

Janeway tells her captors that they're wasting their time, and HoloDoc is too clever for them. But the leader alien gives his sceptical underline a peptalk.

HoloDoc disguises himself as Torres and goes to engineering where he goes to retrieve some spare gel packs. Unfortunately he's interrupted by Paris who wants to make with the hanky panky. Y'know, I'd have thought it'd be obvious when you snog a hologram. Like, a lack of body heat, or texture, or something.

Kim and Seven have traced the earlier transmission to Holodeck 2, where ChaksDoc has to knock Kim out and stick him in the morgue.

HoloDoc returns to sickbay and starts relaxing and listening to music. The aliens complain for a bit, but then Tuvok comes in and says he's found something suspicious. Tuvok realises that HoloDoc's behind it, and sets security on him. HoloDoc manages to escape, however, and the hunt is on.

Disguised as Chakotay he manages to clear engineering of all but Torres (trapped behind a force field) and ejects the core. Transporters are offline, so he heads for the flyer, and (after a brief altercation with Tuvok) reaches it, and starts towing the warp core.

The Flyer arrives at the alien ship, but once they have the warp core, they capture the HoloDoc. Janeway is miffed the HoloDoc didn't have some cunning plan.

Back on Voyager, they locate Chakotay and Kim, and Tuvok explains the situation. Once they get power back up, internal comms starts playing music. They analyse the changes and find a hidden warp signature, which they detect and send a shuttle after.

The aliens modify the HoloDoc to infiltrate their command or something, and his matrix starts distabilising. Paris and Tuvok catch up and reclaim the Flyer.

The aliens prepare to release the warp core and detonate it, but Janeway and the HoloDco escape and there's a struggle and the subordinate helps subdue his own superior. OMG! TEAM FRAG!

They return to Voyager and work on saving the HoloDoc. HoloDoc starts making final admissions because he thinks he's going to die. Including professing his love for Seven. Then Torres fixes him and he looks extremely embarressed. Ha!

A week later, HoloDoc is still hiding in Sickbay, so Janeway goes and prises him out for some socialising. Teh end.

One episode left!
Tags: star trek: voyager

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