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ST:V, Endgame

OMG, last one!

Endgame: Janeway goes Back to the Future to save her crew the trip!

It's the far future, and Voyager reached Earth some 23 years after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Janeway has gray hair. The title sequence is unchanged. They're still crediting Neelix, though he left two episodes ago. Not much point changing it, I guess.

Captain Kim, eh? Wait, they talking about Tuvok, but he died in the future in Shattered! Geeze, Paris is balding. Must have come from his mother's side, I don't remember Admiral Paris being bald... HoloDoc turns up with a blonde on his arm, and says he's married and also picked the name "Joe".


Barclay's a Star Fleet instructor now? Janeway goes to give a talk at one of his classes, but is distressed by a question about Seven, cause Seven DIED. She leaves and takes a call from Tom & B'Elanna's kid, then goes to visit Tuvok.

Tuvok's gone a bit senile. Janeway tells him she's going to go away and may not come back. After leaving him a frame official ST:V poblicity shot, she sods off and gets a physical from the HoloDoc. HoloDoc's puzzled by her asking for a drug to protect against tachyon radiation. Later on, she thanks Barclay for his help, and visits Chakotay's grave.

Back in the present, Torres says she's in labour and they trek down to sick bay, only to be told she's having false labour. D'oh!

Chakotay and Seven have a romantic picnic. (what? they're dating? WTF?) Tuvok and Icheb play Kal-tow. Icheb wins, much to Tuvok's discomfort. He goes for a checkup and the HoloDoc finds his "condition" is worsening, but Tuvok doesn't want to tell the Captain.

Seven plays Kaddis Kot over a communications link with Neelix, but then they're interrupted by the detection of tachyons and crap in a nebula ahead. They think there's plenty of wormholes in there.

Future: Tuvok is raving wildly about a stardate, and the HoloDoc isn't sure what's up with him. HoloDoc talks to Barclay about Janeway's whereabouts. Janeway, in fact, has taken a shuttle to rendesvous with Paris and Torres' daughter and some Klingons, but they don't give her what she's after.

Past: Voyager flies into the nebula looking for wormholes and have a close encounter with a Borg cube. The Borg discuss pursuing and assimilating Voyager, but Queenie says no. WTF? See, the number of times Voyager has hassled the continuum, they should be sending a fleet after them.

Kim tries to interest Paris in some sort of insane plan or other, but Paris refuses. He's become tooooo domesticated. Chakotay invites Seven on a fourth date, and she asks HoloDoc about disabling the failsafe whatzit that shut down her cortical node last time, and they arrange a time.

Future: Janeway goes back to the Klingons and steals the device she was after, then pisses off in the shuttle with the Klingons in pursuit. Unfotunately when she reaches her destination, Captain Kim turns up to take her into custody.

She explains to him what she's trying to do and talks him aroudn to trusting her.

Chakotay and Seven have a bit of a snog. Because Seven wants to alleviate the tension. But then they're interrupted by Janeway calling the senior officers to the bridge - blue swirly thing ahead!

Future: Kim helps Janeway prepare for her voyager Back to the Future! And realises it's going to be one-way (oh no!) so she gives him a hug before she leaves. Under Klingon attack, she creates and nips through the rift... and Back! to the Future!

Future!Janeway instructs Voyager to close the rift, which it does. But the Borg are spying on them (oh no!!!12!) F!Janeway coems aboard and makes free with info about the future (Oi! Temporal Prime Directive!!) but Past! Janeway tells her off.

F!Janeway says she's going to help them get home. HoloDoc examines her and finds an implant in her head which she says is for piloting ships. Seven says they can adapt the armour and weapons from the shuttle for Voyager, and they set about doing so.

Borg Queenie contacts Seven while she's regenerating and fishes for info, then says if Voyager enters the nebula again, the Borg will destroy them. Seven passes the message on, but F!Janeway is still confident.

Chaks checks up on Seven in astrometrics, and she expresses concerns about the plan. Chaks is confident though. They discuss what's going to happen when they get back. Tom checks up on B'Elanna, who's apprehensive about returning to Earth.

Voyager deploys armour and enters the nebula, where Borg start attacking. Voyager destroys two cubes and the third withdraws. At the centre, they find a transwarp hub, but P!Janeway's annoyed F!Janeway didn't tell her about it, and orders Paris to take the ship out of the nebula.

They discuss destroying the hub so the Borg can't use it to send ships anywhere in the galaxy. F!Janeway tells them to stop being wusses and use the fecking hub to get home. Janeway takes herself for a walk and they argue until F!Janeway says Seven and 21 other crewmembers died before they got back, and Tuvok will go nuts without the cure waiting for him in the Alpha Quadrant.

P!Janeway talks to Tuvok, while F!Janeway tries to convince Seven to tall P!Janeway destroying the hub would be impractical. Seven says her life would be a small price to pay for destorying the hub and saving millions more.

So.... they have a meeting, and decide to destroy the hub. F!Janeway goes for coffee and discuss some way to destroy the hub *and* get Voyager home. To that end F!Janeway nips back back to the hub in her shuttle and zooms into a transwarp conduit.

Chakotay finds Seven seems to have broken it off, and she tells him some of what future Janeway said. Meanwhile, Torres goes into (real) labour.

Queenie is startled when F!Janeway turns up. She tries to assimilate, but F!Janeway is appearing via a neurological hologram and makes a deal to turn over future tech in exchange for forcing Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant. Queenie wants the shuttle and its database though. The Borg have already located her shuttle though, and beam her into Queenie's command chamber where Queenie attempts assimilation.

Voyager flies into the transwarp hub, while Queenie starts having troubles - F!Janeway has infected the collective with a neurological pathogen (eh?) Voyager drops off some torpedoes which destroy the hub, but Queenie sends a sphere after them.

Borg collective go BOOM!

Starfleet detects the opening transwarp conduit and sends ships to intercept. Oh, Admiral Paris *is* bald. Right. Meanwhile, in the conduit, Voyager is locked in battle with the sphere. The sphere pops out and is dorked on by the Star fleet vessels and explodes... releasing Voyager. OMG, THEY HOME! And Torres had her sprog.

Voyager ambles sedately towards Earth with escourt.

The End!

Wait, does this mean in umpteen years Janeway has to nick a shuttle and go back in time again to secrifice herself so that the Borg are destroyed, Voyager gets home, etc?
Tags: star trek: voyager

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