Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight: The Enterprise discovers a derelict ship.

Hoshi and Phlox look at a slug. Hoshi sounds like a Mario Brothers characters. The slug is sickly.

*air guitars to theme tune*

Archer obsesses over a squeak. OMG! Tardy stowed away! T'Pol watches him listen to the floor. Then Hoshi comes in and takes over watching. Hoshi says she needs quarters on the port side of the ship so the stars will go the right way.

Reed and Mayweather practice firing torpedoes, but they're off by three metres, so Archer arranges for target practice. They're still not very good at it.

Trip and Phlox discuss how crap the mission's been so far, though the doc's fascinated by human behavior.

Der Enterprise comes across a derelict ship and try to talk to it. T'Pol thinks they might just be antisocial, but Archer decides to go across and say hi in person, then goes and bitches about T'Pol in his personal log some more. Then he offers cheese to Hoshi when she comes and asks not to be in the away mission because of her many neuroses.

Archer, Hoshi and Reed amble on over in the shuttle and check out the many and varied dead corpses hanging from the ceiling. Predator? No, they still have skins. They're all hooked up to some sort of pump.

They return to the Enteprise, where T'Pol suggests once more that they butt out and sod off. Archer agrees and they butt out. Hoshi goes and whines to Phlox that she really really didn't want to see the corpses.

Archer acts sorta vague during dinner, and appears to be disgruntled about the corpses. Uh oh, T'Pol's easy-going banter is beginning to piss him off. Watch out! He'll make another irritable log entry! He decides to go back and take another look at the derelict.

Phlox determines the aliens are being milked for "triglobulin". Hoshi tells Trip she wants to go home because she's a wuss.

The enemy ship turns up. Ummm, Bree? Archer and co flee back to the Enterprise as it approaches and then fires at them. Unfortunately the other ship damages the port nacelle, knocking out warp drive.

The enemy ship has superior firepower and weapons, and easily deflects their attack. Another ship of the victim's species turns up, and Hoshi attempts to communicate while the enemy ship tractors the Enterprise.

Hoshi and the alien manage to reach an understanding, and the alien renders aid. The enemy ship is destroyed. So, er, who were they? What did they want? What?!

Archer lets Hoshi and Phlox drop their slug off on a suitable planet, where it gets eaten by a predator five minutes after they leave.

Wait, what about the mysterious squeak Archer was looking for. DON'T JUST LEAVE PLOT THREADS DANGLING, DAMMIT!
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