Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Terra Nova

What's with the odd noise that plays in the background on menus? Sounds like the distant tromping of stormtroopers or something.

Terra Nova: Enterprise visits the site of a lost colony, looking to find out what happened.

The Enterprise is headed for Terra Nova, a lost Earth colony. Then there's this title sequence, then Archer explains to T'Pol how 70 years ago they lost contact with Terra Nova, and no one could be bothered making the (then) nine year trip to check it out. Charming.

They arrive at Terra Nova, but no one appears to be home - they take a shuttle down to see what's what. There's a lotta radiation, and no people, but then Reed spots someone in the forest and gives chase until the fellow disappears into a cave.

After wandering around in caves for a bit (eh? random shot of T'Pol and Mayweather outside?) they find signs of habitation, and some inhabitants. Then they come under fire and are forced to retreat, however Reed is captured. Archer and the other two retreat back to the shuttle, where T'Pol reports the inhabitants are humans.

On Enterprise, they discuss game plans for retrieving Reed. Archer and Phlox go down to make contact with the humans and also get captured. Yeah, good plan. They talk to humans, who are a wee bit hostile. They explain there was poison rain which drover them underground, which they believed was caused by the humans. Archer explains their point of view and offers help. Phlox says one of them has lung cancer and offers to fix her up.

So... they've swapped Reed for an old woman? grief. Phlox diagnoses her while Archer tries to persuade them they come from human stock. Unsuccessfully. T'Pol's found an asteroid impact which explained the radiation though.

Reed asks if there's a toilet around, eats food and listens to the locals play on music. Yay!

Marweather and Hoshi decode the last transmission the locals tried to send, to find they blamed humans for the asteroidal attack. Phlox says he cured the woman's cancer, but they're showing cellular damage from poisons in the water supply. Archer finally persuades the old woman that she is human, but they're still reluctant to trust the Enterprise crew.

T'Pol suggests stun grenades, and argues with Archer about whether they sould take the colonists back to Earth or not. They search for alternate locations in the unaffected southern hemisphere. How about a location with baths?

They land the pod, but the ground underneath caves in. Whups!

Archer and the two colonists make their way back toward the others, but find one of the colonists down a hole, trapped under a fallen tree. They free him and continue on back to the other colonists and, after some thought, they agree to relocate.

Archer tells Mayweather he can write the report to Star Fleet. Teh End.
Tags: enterprise

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