Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice: Enterprise investigates a comet while a Vulcan ship watches. They like to watch.

Awwwww, kiddies drawings. Then Enterprise stops because they found a comet. Wooooo, a comet. How RARE!

I still prefer the Voyager theme. Nyah.

T'Pol says "Wooooooo, big deal", but apparently size matters. T'Pol goes back to her quarters to bitch in her LiveJournal about how no one takes her seriously. Apparently caffiene doesn't affect Vulcans. Sucks to be them. Trip is happy because the chef made pecan pie, and attempts to engage her in conversation. She's distant and abrupt though. No change there then.

T'Pol says the comet has a rare mineral in it. Sunlight? What sun? A Vulcan vessel turns up and Archer hails them. They're interested in the Enterprise's interest in the comet. Right. Archer's getting paranoid that the Vulcans are spying on him. Dude, check your shower for hidden cameras. THEY HAVE EYES EVERYWHERE!

Reed and Mayweather ho land on the comet so they can drill and take core samples. Meanwhile, Trip finds an encrypted transmission sent from the Vulcan ship to T'Pol's quarters. They get Hoshi to decrypt it. Archer starts recording a video message to Irish schoolchildren.


Dear writer, it has come to my attention that you seem to be writing pure padding here. Get the hell back to the plot, please. Ta.

Uh oh, they're letting Phlox speak to the children. Well... they can cut that bit out later. ... dude, stop bogarting the recording time.

Mayweather builds... well, actually it looks like a snow Dalek, until Reed ruins it by drawing a face on it. Tsk. Archer sends them a stern message.

Trip and Hoshi finish decoding the mystery transmission - twas a personal letter. Trip's upset he read it and wants to tell her. He wouldn't last five minutes in the NSA. Come on! It was routine security! OK, they probably should have asked her first. T'Pol appears pissed off. Odd that.

Archer says he's invited the Vulcan captain across. Vulcan's don't drink.... wine. Then Phlox treats T'Pol for a tension headache. The relevance of this may become clear at a later time.

Oh, cute, they've given the snowman pointy ears. Reed blows up bits of the asteroid.

Archer attempts to engage the Vulcan captain in conversation over dinner. Said Vulcan captain has all the social skills of a dead skunk.

Enterprise detects that the comet's rotation has changed, and the side the landing party are on will soon by aimed at the nearest star, raising the temperature substantially.

T'Pol invides Trip to her quarters to talk over relationship issues. If she doesn't leave Enterprise immediately, her wedding plans will be cancelled. Trip says it all sounds illogical to him and asks what she wants to do. She goes a bit spare, relatively speaking, and he ends up suggesting she asked for a postponement because subconsciously she wants the wedding called off.

Mayweather twists his knee, so he and Reed amble back to the pod with the ground collapsing around them. On the first attempt to take off, IT ALL GOES HORRIBLY WRONG! and they end up under the surface of the comet.

Enterprise cruises in, and they attempt to use the grappling whatzits to reel in the shuttle. This does not go well. T'Pol suggests the Vulcan ship could use their tractor beam to retrieve the shuttle. After some discussion, Archer is convinced, and the Vulcan ship does so. Archer is not hugely grateful, by the looks. T'Pol sends them a message to say she's staying on board though. Then she has some pie. Teh end.
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