Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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ST:E, Civilization

I have der new Mike Oldfield album! Wooo!

Civilization: Enterprise visits an alien world, only to find some other aliens are lurking around.

Enterprise detects a civilization on a nearby planet, causing Archer to get very excited.

*sings* I've got pain of the heart, because I ate my food too quickly

Sooooo, anyway, Enterprise nips into orbit. T'Pol suggests not making contact, as they're pre-warp. The Prime Directive not having been invented yet, Archer's still keen to go down. Dude, listen to the Vulcan.

While they prepare to send Hoshi down, T'Pol detects an antimatter reactor or some such, and they decide to expand the awayteam to include Archer, Trip and T'Pol.

Archer and Trip find the reactor they're after appears to be housed in a shop. They break and enter, much to Archer's dismay, and find a force field. But then they're surprised by a woman with a crossbow, who's a bit suspicious of them. She appears to think they're behind the recent deaths. Fortunately at that point T'Pol turns up and stuns her.

Archer takes the woman home and sort-of befriends her, in the sense that she's not likely to shoot him if they meet again. The crew debate what to do next... Archer and Trip return to the shop to do some browsing. Trip shows off his ignorance, and Archer points out the proprietor's DNA is alien to that world. "So's your's" "touche" He says he was part of a survey mission and decided to stay. Then he shows them out.

Archer and T'Pol go to chat to the woman they stunned the other night. Apparently the shop owner's been having crates carried around the city at night. T'Pol returns to Enterprise, where Phlox says the water supply is contaminated with an industrial lubricant.

*snores loudly*

Archer's translater stops working, so he covers by snogging the woman while he fixes it. That's an... interesting approach. They shadow a fellow and his crates to what appears to be a park - but before they can open the crates, a spaceship nips down and tractors them away. OMG! ALIENS! Oh, wait... Archer jumps the fellow, and discovers it's a scaley alien in disguise. Archer has to explain about Enterprise and so on.

They return to the antiques shop and locate the anti-matter reactor - the aliens are in the process of mining some mineral. Archer and the woman set about lowering the dampening field so Enterprise can transport the reactor away, but... er, they appear to have tripped an alarm.

An alien ship approaches Enterprise and starts firing, while the shop owner tells them to get lost. T'Pol orders the ship to prepare to leave orbit, but has to clarify they are not leaving when Trip protests.

Archer gets the dampening field down, while the Enterprise attempts to evade combat. Given every other ship in the galaxy appears to have shields, and the Enterprise has... polarised hull plating, it's surprising the ship hasn't been destroyed completely by now.

The phaser fight moves out into the streets, while Enterprise beams up the anti-matter reactor, then they beam it into space near the alien ship and blow it up. Archer uses a similar strategy on the surface to win his fight, and tells them to piss off. Archer tells the Vulcans to check up on the planet regularly, just in case, and drops some medication off to his girlfriend and snogs her some more. Teh end.
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