Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Cold Front

Cold Front: While some pilgrims are aboard Enterprise, a pivotal moment in the temporal cold war occurs.

The Temporal Cold War dude has a Suliban hooked up to a device which is removing his enchanced vision, because he failed in his last mission. Way harsh!

The title sequence photo montage rocks, I will say that much.

Mayweather complains because last night's movie was "Attack of the Killer Androids". Meanwhile, Archer has dinner and imparts exposition to a crewman.

Enterprise hails a random fraighter to say "Hi!". Freighter captain: "Oh no! Newbies!" He has some pilgrims on board who've come to see a nebula do something funky, or something. Archer invites the pilgrims on board. The pilgrims give gifts of clocks and alcohol.

One of the pilgrims says their holy books claim that the nebula was where the universe began. Why is it half the time when Archer opens his mouth, it feels like he's addressing someone other than who he's talking to? He speaks like he was speaking when he was recording the mesage for the schoolchildren.

Mayweather tries out the captain's chair briefly. Hehehehe.

Trip shows the pilgrims around the engine room. One of them wanders off and starts fiddling around with the wires - appears to be a Suliban in disguise.

Enterprise navigates around a plasma storm, while some pilgrims are visiting sick bay. The ship starts taking damage. Woooooooo. There's an anti-matter cascade, but fortunately it stops short of the warp reactor. That would suck, seeing as how it doesn't look like there's a way to eject the reactor if it breaches...

Trip finds someone disconnected a conduit which stopped the cascade. Archer is impressed, but Trip wants to know who did it. They ask the freighter captain, but no one on the other shop is owning up.

Crewman Daniels tells Archer that he believes one of the pilgrims is a Suliban. They return to Daniels' quarters, where D reveals he's a time traveller from the future sent back to set right what once went wrong, leaping from... oh, wait. Daniels goes into exposition mode and says he's been sent to capture the Suliban who disconnected the conduit.

So in the original history, Enterprise blew up? Gee.

Archer lets Trip and T'Pol know, because, hell, the timeline's screwed now anyway. They've probably just erased the other Trek series. TEMPORAL PRIME DIRECTIVE, PEOPLE!

T'Pol isn't convinced Daniels is from the future. Archer checks out the pilgrims who have come over to watch the plume from Voyager, but isn't sure if the Suliban came back.

Woo, Daniels has a no-clipping glove! Does that thing have god mode too? He, Trip and T'Pol hook a device up to the reactor.

Archer has an encounter with the Suliban in his cabin, and asks for help in evading the dude from the future, and warns that Daniels might be dangerous. Unfortunately, T'Pol gives away Daniels' identity over the comm, and the Suliban stuns Archer.

Daniels detects the Suliban on the enginerring deck, gets everyone to evacuate, then promptly gets shot. Whups.

Phlox brings Archer around, and they tell him Daniels is dead. They lock down the ship and begin the search... The device from Daniels' quarters is missing, and an encrypted message is send over the comms system.

Archer uses the Glove of No-Clipping to pursue the Suliban. After a short bitta banter, they fight, then the Suliban scarpers. Archer pursues again, and manages to phaser Daniels' device. Then, oh no!1 the Suliban opens the airlock and jumps out, to be intercepted by a Suliban vessel.

Archer isn't sure how to explains it all to Star Fleet, but decides to sleep on it. He orders Daniels' quarters sealed. Teh end.
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