Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Sleeping Dogs

What's the dome on the bottom side of Enterprise's saucer section for? *checks Ex Astris Scientia* ah, lower sensor dome.

Sleeping Dogs: Enterprise locates a damaged Klingon ship sinking in a gas giant.

Yay, Hoshi is doing target practice. She's not very good. Reed gives advice. But Enterprise approaches a class nine gas giant, so target practice is called off. Right.

They listen to the EM interference from the probe, and it sounds like whales, sort of. Mayweather says they give him nightmares. Wuss. Then they see a KLINGON SHIP down in the gas.

Reed has a cold. This will be the exciting and riviting B-plot. Phlox pokes him in the neck with a hypo.

Hoshi says they won't know what sort of life forms will be on board. Because it's a Klingon ship. what? Hoshi reeeeeeeally wants to go on the away team. Archer's using his "people are listening" voice again.

Hoshi, T'Pol and Reed nip down in a shuttlepod. The air is stinky, apparently. Once Hoshi establishes that they're on a Klingon ship, they break out the guns. There are three Klingons, unconscious. T'Pol wants to leave them, because they'd probably be quite upset to be saved. Hey, look, a live Klingon.

Archer suggests T'Pol try helping the crew, before the ship leavs com range.

The Klingon hits Reed a bit and then jumps into the shuttlepod and leaves. Whups. When Enterprise realise the pod's transmitting a distress message in Klingon, they harpoon it and bring it in and stun the Klingon. Archer wants to go down and rescue the away team, but the Klingon ship is below the range of the shuttlepods.

The away team sets about trying to work out how to pilot the Klingon ship so they can fly it out of the gas giant. Hell, if Kirk and co can fly a bird of prey BACK IN TIME! it shouldb't be too difficult. Hey, Reed does a pretty good Trip impression.

Enterprise flies into the gas giant to pick them up, but reaches safe depth and has to pull out.

Phlox says the Klingon is suffering from the toxin which is killing the other Klingons, and will die soon. She blames the Enterprsie crew for the toxin. Archer chats, but don't get much help.

The away team head down to the reactor pit to fix the engines. Then Reed starts getting dehydrated, so Hoshi and T'Pol go to the galley in search of water and find CGI Targs. T'Pol takes Hoshi through a mediatation to help her suppress her emotions. Unfortunately, the ship's also starting to collapse.

Gah, Archer is learning Klingon. He uses his knowlege of Klingon psychology to talk to the paitent some more, and convince her Enterprise didn't infect the Klingon ship.

The away team starts using photon torpedoes to try to lift the ship higher. It isn't working though. Hoshi suggests using all six remaining torpedoes, which gets them high enough for Archer to dock with the ship and bring the Klingon aboard.

Meanwhile, a couple of Klingon ships are closing in, but er, Archer and co got the Klingon ship out of the gas already. The rescued Klingon crew hail Enterprise, and tell them to surrender. Archer tells them to feck off, and the Klingons retreat. Ha! Pussies!

T'Pol, Hoshi and Reed hang out in decontamination. Teh End.
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