Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Shadows of P'Jem

Shadows of P'Jem: T'Pol is recalled to Vulcan, but then she and Archer are captured by Terrorists!

P'Jem and the P'holograms?

So! Um.... Star Fleet HQ! Once of the Vulcans, the one who was in Alien Nation, is complaining about the loss of their monastery and the fact that Archer's crew has been distablising the sector. Man, he looks pissed for a Vulcan. The Vulcans sod off back to their home planet, and the admiral they were bitching at goes to give Archer a talking to.

*photomontage* Oh wait *titlesequence*

Enterprise is nipping over to visit an inhabited world. Trip is saaaaaaad, because Archer says he wants to limit the away message... but Archer was just joking. What a tit.

The admiral says the Andorrians bombed the monastery (the monks got out though). The Vulcans are sending a ship to fetch T'Pol and take her home. Archer thinks The Vulcan high command is going to punish T'Pol for the loss of the monastery... and is going to file a protest. Phlox gives her a pep talk.

Archer and T'Pol nip down in a shuttlepod to the capital of the planet...and come under attack from an aircraft. They're captured and tied up. Kinky. Hey, that's the dude who played Iko in Repentance. Looks like the planets having a bit of a civil war or something.

Trip and co bitch at the authorities for not telling them there are terrorists. You bastages!

Archer and T'Pol wriggle about a lot trying to untie themselves. And debate wehther or not T'Pol should try to fight the transfer or not. Though they get untied and overpower a guard, more people turn up and they fail to escape. Grief.

The terrorist leader contacts Enterprise and says they want 40 phase pistols in exchange for T'Pol and Archer. Enterprise only has 15 phase pistols though. D'oh! A Vulcan ship contacts Enterprise to say they'll be there in an hour, and Trip has to tell them that T'Pol's missing. The Vulcan says they'll take over negotiation, and intends to storm the terrorists' compound.

Archer and T'Pol attempt to eat while tied up. Have they remembered the safe word yet? Archver finds a blinking red thing in his gruel.

Trip and Reed nip down in a shuttlepod and are immediately set upon and bundled away. Their rescue skills are so lame. Oh, it's WeyounJeff Combs again. Apparently the Vulcans are preparing for a way against the Andorrians. He says the hostages will be killed no matter what, and is going to help rescue Archer to repay the debt for finding the Vulcan spy outpost. They radio Archer through the blinking red thing and organises the rescue at their end too.

Trip distracts some of the guards with BOOZE while Reed sneaks in and helps the Andorrians in. Oh noes! He broke the booze! Then there are explosions and Vulcans and shooting, and they get Archer and T'Pol untied. Jeff says his debt is repaid! Yayz! Then the Vulcans and Andorrians aim guns at each other, until T'Pol saves one of the Vulcans from being shot and is wounded. Archer carries her to the pod and they return to Enterprise where Phlox patches her up. Archer gives an impassioned speach asking the Vulcan to give T'Pol a second chance. The Vulcan says he'll go think about it. Then they bring T'Pol around and Archer tells her what happened. Teh end.
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