Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Shuttlepod One

Shuttlepod One: Reed and Trip sitting in a Shuttlepod.

Asteroid fields aren't that dense. Reed and Trip fly about looking for the Enterprise in a pod - the sensors and communications array are busted. Reed has a book to read. Trip likes the subtext in the Superman comics. Subtext? the Superman/Batman slash? Then they find bits of Enterprise hull splatted on an asteroid. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

However, the Enterprise is fine - they're rushing some aliens home who's ship was destroyed when they tried to dock with Enterprise. Enterprise was also slightly damaged - which explains the bits with the other wreckage.

Reed and Trip debate what to do. This turns into an argument fairly quickly. they decide to head for a subspace relay to send a messagae to Star Fleet. Reed makes a log entry explaining what happened. Trip tells him to STFU and do something helpful. They argue some more, then break out the food.

Reed records more messages while Trip is trying to sleep. They argue some more. Trip says he's going to start getting cranky (start?!) and tells Reed to get some sleep.

Reed dreams he's back on Enterprise and ... "Malcolm is the Vulcan word for serenity" Firefly ref?! But then Trip wakes him up before he can snog T'Pol.

The pod springs leaks, and they plug the holes with mashed potato.

WTF?! That wouldn't work!

One of the oxygen cylinders is busted too, so now they only have two days worth of air left. They start talking about lift in Star Fleet academy. They both dated the same waitress, apparently. They decide to lower the heat to give them an extra half-day of oxygen...

Meanwhile, T'Pol says the alien ship was hit by a micro-singularity. Archer says to radio Trip and Reed and arrange a new rendezvous point. Wait, I thought the pod left the asteroid field to head to the subspace relay? There were still micro-singularities that far out?

Reed records more goodbye letters. Trip's still confident of getting picked up, which annoys Reed, and they argue some more. At this rate they'll use up the air in a day. Trip breaks out TEH BOOZE. Yeah, their corpses will be well-preserved because they've been pickled.

OMG, he didn't just light a candle. Sure, why not speed up the air loss! Reed points this out, but Trip says probably only 5 or 6 minutes worth. Reed whines some more about how he's just lost most of the people he cares about, and Trip blows the candle out.

A while later, they're even drunker and talking about T'Pol's bum. Reed sounds like Dudley Moore when he's drunk. Then they receive transmissions from Enterprise, announcing they'll rendezvous in two days. Alas, too long.

They head for the coordinates anyway, and wonder about ways to get Enterprise to come faster. Reed suggests blowing up the impulse drive, and manages to persuade Trip. BOOM! They start betting on how much air is left, and finish off TEH BOOZE. Trip decides to nobily sacrifice himself so Reed will have more time left, but Reed pulls a gun on him. They argue some more, and Reed points out shouting uses up more oxygen. They sit back down again.

Reed comes around in sickbay where he and Trip are recovering from hypothermia. Reed hopefully drops hints to T'Pol, but doesn't get a snog. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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