Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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ST:E, Fusion

Fusion: Enterprise encounters a ship fill of Vulcans who've embraced their emotions.

BULLET FUSION MODE! Oh, wait, wrong series.

Enterprise is on the way to a nebula, when they're intercepted by a Vulcan ship piloted by a fellow called Tavin.

Archer and T'Pol have a meal with Tavin and another member of the Vulcan crew, who appear to be possessing of emotion (they would probably rate a 9 at least on the Neelix scale*)

Archer says T'Pol seems to be avoiding the guests. She says other Vulcans have tried to reintegrate their emotions and failed. Then she encounters one of them, Tolaris, in the mess hall, and he is surprised she drinks mint tea, and then makes fun of her for a bit. But she still appears to fancy him.

They reach the nebula finally and decide to mount a full survey when they find it's bigger than expected. Tavin offers to help chart it, and Archer assigns T'Pol to go over to the Vulcan ship to help. He's such a kidder.

T'Pol and Tolaris debate Surak's teachings. He suggests she doesn't mediatate tonight and see what happens (her ears will fall off?).

Trip talks to Kov, one of the Vulcans about football, then asks about sex. Reed joined the conversation unwittingly in time to hear about Pon Farr.

Star Fleet rings Archer and tells him the father of Kov is dying and wants to talk to his son. Eh? Oh, this might be a B-PLOT, like the Reed-with-a-cold one which didn't actually go anywhere a couple of episodes back. Where do you put your hanky when you're wearing an environmental suit anyway?

T'Pol has a wet dream and immediately seeks treatment from Phlox. She says she's not going to keep experimenting, and he suggests she goes slowly. Oh, that conversation was so loaded with subtext.

Archer talks to Kov, who's somewhat estranged from dad and asks Archer to send a message back on his behalf.

Tolaris asks T'Pol about her dreams, but she says she won't continue doing dreams. She tells him a bit about her dream anyway, but leaves out the bit where she sex0red him. He suggests they could do a mind-meld. This can't go well, butt hey do it anyway. T'Pol remembers a night back on Earth when she left the Vulcan compound and went to a jazz bar. Then she yells at him to stop, kicks him out, and has a little bit of a lie down.

Trip has a wee chat to Kov, and they end up talking about dancing. This story is going to have a moral, huh? Yup. Subtle, dude.

Archer thanks Tolaris for his help, and says T'Pol's in sick bay in bad shape. It's bitch'n time! Archer tells him to keep away from T'Pol, and he starts getting pissed. There's a brief fight, involving Archer suddenly being on the other side of the room from where he was before, and then he pulls out a phase pistol and tells Tolaris where to get off.

Kov tells Trip he contacted his dad. Story worked, huh?

Archer chats with T'Pol, who feels a bit better now the Vulcan ship's left. Teh End

* Neelix scale: rated by the amount of time a Vulcan could spend locked in a room with Neelix before Neelix sustained bodily injury. Most Enterprise-era Vulcans appear to rate very low on the scale, where-as Tuvok rates a 9 because he spent 7 years on Voyager with Neelix and only strangled him once.
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