Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Rogue Planet

Rogue Planet: Archer and the crew encounter a group of hunters on a rogue planet.

Trip attempts to take Archer's picture. This does not go well. Fortunately for Archer, they find a planet flying through space. Don't tell me... it's the moon from Space: 1999!

Are Linda Park and Grace Park related?

Ooops, random New Zealand namecheck. Archer and Reed were both in boy scouts. Reed got more merit badges though. We don't need no steenkin badges! They see glowy critters and find signs of habitation. Why don't they have those glowy eye night-vision things in TNG and so? Huh? They're jumped by some aliens. The Eska, lead by... Damerus? What, the Unreal Tournament character? *consults* Oh, Damrus.

Over a meal, the Eska say they're on a hunting expedition. Reed wants to join the hunt. Archer, T'Pol, Reed and Trip camp out on the planet for the night (wait, how do you tell when it's night?) Archer hears voices and wanders off. He's obviously never seen a horror movie. Briefly, he sees a blonde who runs off. The others take a look, but don't find anything, and then point at him and laugh for a while.

Reed join the Eska on their hunt, which appears to be for CGI critters, while Archer and the others check out some geothermal vents. Archer agonises over the blonde some more.

The hunting party splits up, as two of them follow a different CGI critter.

Archer spots the blonde again, briefly, and goes to investigate. Dude, stop chasing skirt. Finally, he catches up and has a chat. When Trip and T'Pol catch up with him, she vanishes.

The hunt closes in on the prey... and one of the Eska is injured. Archer volunteer's Phlox's services, and Trip takes the injured chap up to Enterprise, then tells T'Pol about his second encounter. T'Pol asks if he'd be keen to find the apparition if it was a scantily-clad man. Archer doesn't answer. Heh.

Phlox shows Trip tissue from the creature that attacked the hunter. It's mutating. Wooooooooooo.

Archer wanders around in the forest looking for his lost blonde. Dude, keep your trousers zipped. Grief. She appears to be telepathic, and tells him that the Eska hunt her kind.

He talks to the Eska some more, and they mention they hunt shapeshifters called wraiths, and Damrus tells of how his father hunted some wraiths and had most of his hunting party slain. They're able to detect wraiths by the pheremones they release when frightened.

The Enterprise crew talk over what to do. Phlox starts work on a way to mask their scent. Archer realises that the blonde was from a poem he read as a child.

The Eska hunt a wraith, but find they can't detect it any longer. They retreat back to camp, where they see Archer and Trip... Archer talks to his blonde again and she thanks him for the masking agent, then turns into a giant slug and pisses off. Teh end.
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