Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Oasis

Oasis: In a crashed ship on a hostile world, the Enterprise locates a crew who've survived despite the odds.

Archer and Trip are trying extraordinarily spicy food, while they negotiate with an alien for trades. The alien points them to a nearby system. There's a crashed ship, apparently. A HAUNTED crashed ship. Woooooooo.


A leetle while later, Enterprise reaches the planet in question, and locates the crashed ship. They take a shuttlepod down and go inside! OH NO! THE GHOSTS WILL GET THEM!

sooo, Trip and T'Pol head for engineering while Archer and Mayweather speculate on the state of the hatch. Vulcans don't imagine things, apparently. Yes, I've noticed. Trip says she has the willies(!), then they both start seeing things. They break into a closed part of the ship and find an airponics bay with well grown plants. Trip runs into a woman who scarpers, and they follow to find a collection of people.

The crew explain they were attacked by raiders and have been hiding there for the last three years. Archer offers to help them try to get their ship operational.

Trip chats to the woman he met earlier, Leana, but she's called away. Uh oh, T'Pol's getting jealous! T'Pol points out last time Trip got interested in a chick, she mpregged him. Ha! Trip should ask Phlox about the male pill. Trip and Leana bond. The captain shows T'Pol and Trip their generator, which is beginning to degrade. Trip goes back to Enterprise to get some tools, but the captain won't let Leana go. She persuades him otherwise.

Meanwhile, Reed says that their ship doesn't have any weapons damage, and wonders why they're still hiding after 3 years. Plus the airponics bay isn't big enough to feed that many people.

Trip shows Leana around Enterprise. Then Archer asks Trip if he'd noticed any strange behaviour. According to the ship's log, there was an accident and massive depressurization that caused the ship to crash. And the ship's been crashed for more than 22 years. They open an escape pod from the ship which they found in orbit, and inside... the dessicated corpse of one of the ships crew, whom Trip had seen an hour ago alive and well.


Leana is trying ice cream, and Trip tries to explain marshmellows. Trip talks to her about the discrepancies in their story, and she asks to be taken back to her ship. Meanwhile, T'Pol has found something interesting, and the crew of the ship turn on her.

Archer, Reed, Trip and Leana return to the ship and the other crew put Trip to work fixing their generator. Archer prepares for an assault to rescue T'Pol and Trip.

While he's fixing the generator, Leana explains things to Trip, and the assault starts, but stealthily. The phase pistols pass completely through the crew - they're all holograms! Fortunately Leana shuts enough of them down that the Enterprise crew aren't in danger - the only ones left are Leana and Ezral, her father. Ezral explains that the ship was damaged in an ion storm, and most of the crew died - he blames himself.

Ezral visits Enterprise, and explains to Archer that he feels the crashed ship is his home - he's going to repair the ship and fly it home. Trip drops off a protein resequencer, and he and Leana snog and he gets mpregged again and then Enterprise departs. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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