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ST:E, Vox Sola - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-11-24 19:01
Subject: ST:E, Vox Sola
Security: Public
Vox Sola: An alien thingee with tentacles gets on board.

Archer's had a diplomatic incident. Hehehehe! The aliens storm out angrily, with Archer not quite knowing what they did wrong. As the alien ship departs, something that looks vaguely obscene jumps over onto Enterprise.

Hoshi notices something odd with the comms system, and realises that the misunderstanding was over the pronounciation of a word. Whereapon T'Pol points out that's her department, and catfighting ensues. Trip ventures in to visit Archer who is, apparently, sulking. Trip cheers him up with sports footage.

Hoshi hears the WTF thing lurking in the bulkheads. Reed and Mayweather go to see the movie of the night, which is a French film, but turns out to be random shots from the comms system.

Meanwhile, Archer and Trip watch water polo, the manliest sport ever.

A crewman goes to repair the comms systems and finds something has melted through some of the walls and left some web stuff, then the WTF thing jumps on him and eats his head.

Meanwhile, Archer and Trip continue watching water polo, THE MANLIEST SPORT EVER. They're interrupted by another crewman who says there's a WTF thing in the cargo bay. They venture into the cargo bay and find the WTF thing has put the crewmen in coccoon type things which aren't at all ripped off from the Alien series. Dude, watch out for chest bursters! One of the trapped crewmen suggest they leave, but Archer is grabbed and dragged away to be tentacle raped, followed by Trip. When the last security dude is carried off, Reed runs like a sissymakes a tactical withdrawal.

The crew debate what to do. Mayweather suggests going after the other aliens. Phlox inspects a severed limb from the WTF thing and says it may be intelligent. Hoshi thinks they could communicate with it.

Archer and the other coccooned crewmembers discuss their situation. One of them is more worried about whether he'll get to see the movie or not. Then Reed and other crewmen turn up and use EM pulses on the creature. Unfortunately the prisoners appear to have their nervous systems linked to the WTF thing, and they feel its pain.

Phlox says if they can't extract the prisoners soon, they'll be absorbed into it. Reed has a prototype force field he wants to do something with. T'Pol and Hoshi snipe at each other some more. WTF? Hoshi asks for assistance, as the language appears to be vaguely mathematical.

The prisoners begin to realise they know about water polo. Trip starts to panic. NOOOOOOOOO! WATER POLO!!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! They're beginning to be telepathically linked.

Reed wants to do freaky tests on the severed limp, but Phlox says that would be cruelty. They argue a bit, and Reed's allowed to proceed with Phlox's supervision. Meanwhile, Hoshi and T'Pol are Not Getting Along, until T'Pol mentions she thinks Hoshi is cool.

Mayweather manages to contact the other aliens, and finds out that the aliens were offended by public displays of eating. Oer. But he gets the coordinates to the WTF thing's home planet.

Meanwhile, the prisoners are struggling to stay conscious.

Hoshi and T'Pol are having some success with the translation, and Reed is having some success with his force field. But Phlox tells them to hurry TF up anyway, cause the prisoners are getting eated.

Reed sets up his forcefield in the cargo bay, and then they go in with the translator. Hoshi makes noises at the WTF thing. Eventually it starts making noises back, and they enter into a conversation which sounds like nails on a blackboard. Once they tell it they're taking it come, it drops the prisoners and decreases in size somewhat.

Enterprise reaches the planet, and they drop the WTF thing off in a crate to rejoin the main mass of WTF thing. I hope Phlox gave it its severed l... oh, there he goes. why... didn't he just give it back to the larger part of the organism tha... oh, never mind. They go back to Enterprise to watch more water polo, the manliest of sports. Teh end.
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User: kiri_l
Date: 2005-11-24 20:51 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Nice summary. =) I couldn't recall the ep by title, but I know the description. I loked the episode, but I don't kiek where they are going with Hoshi's character..
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