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ST:E, Fallen Hero

Fallen Hero: Enterprise is asked to escourt a disgraced Vulcan ambassador from a planet to a Vulcan ship.

T'Pol thinks Archer and Trip are sexually frustrated and too uptight. She suggests Risa, which she says is populated by sluts. Well, not in so many words.

T'Pol, Enterprise pimp. They shoulda replaced the theme tune with porn music.

Nice hawaiian shirt. T'Pol suggests Trip might like to change into something quieter. Archer says he's going to stay on board, but T'Pol talks him out of it. Then they get a call from Starfleet which assigns them a mission to retrieve a Vulcan. Cock-blocked!

Hoshi gives up her quarters temporarily for the Vulcan ambassador. By T'Pol's description, it sounds like the ambassador is a 1 on the Neelix scale. They barely get to the planet when the ambassador is sent up in a shuttle. Apparently V'Lar's been naughty and they're kicking her out.

Hmmm, nope, she's more like about an 8 or 9 on the Neelix scale. She's quite pleasant, and wants to apologise to Hoshi for ousting her from her quarters. And jokes over dinner. She seems a bit offended by T'Pol's questioning over what she did to get kicked out, and goes to her quarters.

Archer talks to T'Pol over V'Lar's naughtiness, and T'Pol says she's met the ambassador before and was inspired by her.

An unidentified vessel comes up behind Enterprise, and says they want to take V'Lar back for additional questioning. Archer says he'll talk to Starfleet about it, but the other ship is blocking all frequencies. Then it starts shooting at them. I think that's a pretty good indication they're not friendly.

Reed disabled their ship, and then they resume their voyager. Archer questions V'Lar, but she claims ignorance. Archer tells Mayweather to take them back to the planet, because it's too risky to proceed, then goes and shouts at Star Fleet for a while.

... that Trip/Reed scene was pointless.

T'Pol finds Hoshi and V'Lar chatting, and suggests V'Lar tells Archer the truth. At length. And V'Lar convinced T'Pol that her mission is critical - the charges were fabricated. Also, if she's returned to the planet, she'll be killed. T'Pol goes and talks to Archer, and convinced him to take the Ambassador to rendezvous with the Vulcan ship.

Heh, next shot, Enterprise beign dorked on by three enemy ships. Archer decides to attempt to outrun them. They get the ship up to warp 4.9.

V'Lar talks to Archer some about her mission. The pursuing ships are criminals who've infiltrated the heirarchy of the planet in question. V'Lar has evidence against them. She intended to surrender to them to save Enterprise, but Archer says things aren't that bad yet.

The enemy ship hails them to mention Enterprise's engines seem to be overheating. Arhcer points out pot/kettle/beige. The enemy ships start speeding up, and Archer asks Trip for more speed. The engines cannae take it any more, cap'n! Enterprise reaches warp 5, while Trip looks extremely worried. Then the ship starts a shakin', and the baddies are still catching up.

T'Pol says 53 minutes to the rendezvous. V'Lar helps Hoshi get a message to the Vulcan ship. Meanwhile in engineering, things are starting to catch fire.

The bad guys start shooting again, and knock Enterprise out of warp. There's still ten minutes 'til the Vulcan ship turns up, so Archer sends V'Lar to sick bay, then starts trying to stall.

The baddies send a shuttle over and come looking for V'Lar. Archer esplains she was caught in a conduit rupture, and takes them to sick bay, where Phlox is "treating" the patient. The baddies shoot the crap out of the imaging chamber thingee which V'Lar is in, then the Vulcan ship turns up and starts with the firing. The bad guys surrender, and ARcher kicks them off the ship. But not before V'Lar gets to say "Nyah, I'M NOT DED!"

They farewell the ambassador, she goes onto the Vulcan ship, everyone lives happily ever after, except for the bad guys who are executed six months later and their heads stuck on pikes. Teh End.

Yayz! Deleted Scenes!
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