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Alden Bates

ST:E, Shockwave Pt.1

Shockwave Pt.1: After indavertantly causing the destruction of an alien colony, Enterprise is recalled to Earth.

Enterprise is going to visit a colony with a matriarchal society populated by Paraagans. As the shuttlepod goes down, there's a huge arse explosion, and then the title sequence cuts in.

Uhhhh, isn't building a colony on a planet with an ignitable atmosphere just asking for trouble?

The colony of 3,600 people is, apparently, wiped out. The Enterprise crew go over the sensor logs and find nothing wrong. The plasma ducts on the shuttlepod were closed, so they should have been fine. Archer explains what's happened to Star Fleet.

Oh, I see, it was a mining colony and the ignitable gas was a byproduct. Sheesh.

T'Pol talks to Phlox about how the captain's been a bit distressed recently. The Enterprise probe records elements which indicate plasma exhaust was responsible for the explosion, and Archer says the missions been cancelled. Trip bitches at him until Archer sends him away.

T'Pol reports Reed and co have found an unidentified EM signature on the shuttlepod's hull, and pep talks Archer into fighting his superiors. The crew mopes around a lot though.

Archer goes to bed and suddenly finds himself at home on Earth, before they left Earth. He is somewhat perturbed, until Daniels (from Cold Front) turns up. He explains someone violated the temporal accord in order to shorten Enterprise's mission.

They locate the device on the shuttle which was used to generate the plasma stream, and turn the ship around.

Archer sprays Trip with technobabble as they work on some beacons. Then he and Reed go into Daniels' quarters and download the specs for the Suliban stealth cruiser.

Enterprise reaches the colony planet and then heads for a nearby binary star. I have a headache. They shoot out some beacons and reveal the cloaked Suliban ship. They disable most of it, then send a shuttlepod down to board it. After a firefight, they reach their target and nick some data disks, and make their getaway.

On their way back to the Vulcan ship, the analyse the discs, and find that the Suliban ship had been monitoring Enterprise at the colony, and had planted the device which caused the explosion. Star Fleet is impressed.

The Future dude orders the Suliban to retrieve Archer but leave Enterprise alone. Archer tried to convince T'Pol that he quantum leapedtime travelled and talked to Daniels. Enterprise starts having engine troubles - they find they're being trailed by cloaked Suliban ships. The ship, unmfortunately, outnumbered. The Suliban demand they turn over Archer.

Archer turns the ship over to T'Pol (why? She's not part of Star Fleet!). Ten to one they blow Enterprise up anyway. Archer takes the lift, and find himself... elsewhere. The Suliban prepare to destroy Enterprise.

Archer is in the ruined remains of a city. Daniels appears and tells him the timeline wouldn't be safe if he boarded the Suliban ship, so he was brought to the future. Unfortunately, this action has cause the destruction of the timeline and the devastation of Earth. Since all their temporal equipment has been destroyed, there's now no way to send Archer Back to the Future. We is screwed, y'all.

Let this be a lesson: friends don't let friends frell with the time line.

Thus endeth Season 1. Panties.
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