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ST:E, Shockwave Pt. 2

Shockwave Pt. 2: With Archer stranded in a desolate future and Enterprise in DEADLY DANGER! we start season 2.

When we left Captain Archer, he'd been snatched to the far future by the powers of whoever. Unfortunately this action cause the destruction of Earth earlier in the timeline, retconning the equipment which brought him there!

Er... but if the equipment which brought him there never existed, he couldn't have been brought there, therefore he should still be in the past. But if he's still in the past, then the equipment *does* exist, and...

This is why the Time Lords don't let humans play with time travel. :P

So on we go.

T'Pol invites the Suliban on board to look for Archer. This is probably, as she says, the smartest thing to do under the circumstances. Then the theme tune starts 'cause DRAMA!

So. Archer and Daniels wander through the ruined city. Daniels explains that it's too complicated to explain why they're still there and haven't disappeared, which is another way of saying he doesn't know. Daniels spots that a monument commemorating the Federation no longer exists. They go visit a library and look at books.

The Suliban search the ship and don't find Archer, but they do find the temporal signature left by his departure. They stick the crew in their quarters and take control of Enterprise.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Admiral Forrester is trying to calm the Vulcans, who want to send their warship in pursuit of Enterprise.

The Suliban try to contact their friend from the future fruitlessly. He's probably been retconned out of existance too.

So Archer is responsible for the entire Federation? Far out. Daniels is not forthcoming on more info. Archer suggests turning a bicycle into a time machine. Dude, where's my TARDIS? They come up with a workable plan provided they can find the bits.

The Suliban interrorgate T'Pol, but she is not forthcoming as to Archer's location. Odd that. Trip and Reed manage to communicate - Trip's managed to hotwire the comms system. The Suliban return T'Pol, and she's too dazed to understand Archer's temporal projection. She manages to give him enough information to find where Enterprise is, and he tries to persuade her she needs to implement some plan or other.

The crewmembers discuss the escape plan. First Hoshi will needs to crawl through the ventilation shafts to Phlox's quarters and grabs a hypospray. Then goes to Reed's quarters, losing her top on the way. So she wasn't wearing a bra?!

Trip, Reed and T'Pol ambush some Suliban at the transporter pad and get hold of some weapons. Reed then gets to Daniels' quarters and retrieves... some sorta device. Unfortunately he's ambushed by Suliban on the way out and roughed over. He says Archer told him to destroy the device, so they return him to his quarters. Meanwhile, Trip and T'Pol retake engineering and start a core breach.

Silik activates Daniels' device, amid interruptions from his subordinates to the effect that Enterprise is going to blow. The Suliban tow Enterprise to a safe distance, and it promptly fecks off - the warp core breach as a fake.

The device succeeds in bringing Archer Back from the Future! And Archer threatens Silik in order to get his ship back.

Enterprise is being dorked on by the Suliban, but then they depart, having been called off by Silik. Archer turns up in a Suliban ship (with hostage).

Despite the proof that Enterprise didn't wipe out the colony, the Vulcans still aren't happy. Archer gives an impassioned speech, followed up by an impssioned speech from T'Pol, and the Vulcans go off to sulk. Admiral Forrest says he'll let them know when a decision's been made.

Later, Archer thanks T'Pol for speaking up. The mission is still on. Teh end.
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