Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Minefield

The season 2 menus are pretty cool, but the legend "KLINGON-BOP" makes me thing of disco dancing for some reason.

Minefield: A mine becomes stuck to the ship, and Archer and Reed attempt to defuse it.

Aww, that's cute, Reed and Archer have a date. A breakfast date. Archer attempts to discuss soccer with him, because he's British and must therefore like soccer. But Reed isn't into sports. And then they're interrupted by T'Pol with the exciting news that there's an M class planet ahead. Uninhabited. But while they're discussing going down to take the air, something rips a chunk outta the ship. That's gotta hurt.

8 sections decompressed, and Hoshi's been rendered unconscious. No fatalities, but 17 injured. Phlox sets about treating them. Reed detects a cloaked mine attached to the starboard hull. Someone has to go out and defuse it.

T'Pol wrangles a way to detect the mines. Cool. Meanwhile, Reed suits up and takes a look at the attached mine. Archer and Trip discuss detatching the hull section with der bomb on, but it might not be wise. Then a ship comes into view. Hmm, looks TOS Romulan.

They can't understand the alien, of course, and Hoshi's still incapacitated. It fires a couple of warning shots. Enterprise starts to leave, gently, and the alien ship recloaks...

Reed continues to attempt to deactivate the mine... But during a manouvre, the mine sticks another magnetic leg through his leg. Owie. Archer suits up and climbs out to help, and Reed is still cracking jokes. Archer sticks him with a local anesthetic, then sets about defusing da bomb.


Sorry, it had to be said.

Hoshi decodes the message, and it's ROMULANS! T'Pol doesn't mention they're, like, related to Vulcans. That can be embarressing, I guess.

Archer and Reed continue to defuse da bomb, and chat about stuff. Reed was trained not to fraternise with superior officers. Oer. Enterprise clears the minefield finally, while Archer and Reed move on to the last triggering circuit on da bomb. And Reed grouses about Archer's captaining style. Navy? WTF? Earth still has a Navy? For what purpose? They appear to be largely unified. The only thing a Navy would be useful for is search and rescue! Reed has aquaphobia. Heh.

Reed tells a story about his great uncle who was on a ship which sank, and went down with his ship to safe the rest of the crew.

Two Romulan ships decloak and bitch cause they haven't left yet. Archer continues defuses the last circuit, and the mine... er, rearms. But they manage to fiddle with it. Reed says they can't disarm the mine without dismantelling it.

Reed detatches his air line in order to SACRIFICE HIMSELF! Archer reattaches it and bitches at him. Hmm, Archer appears to have a plan. A cunning plan.

They detatch the hull plate with Reed, Archer and the mine on. Yeah, this is a really good plan so far. The Romulans decloak again. eeeeee. Archer cuts Reed free, and they jump off the hull segment with bits of shuttle as shields. Da bomb blows up, but they are safe.

Enterprise grabs the pair via the launch bay, then warps outta there. Archer and Reed argue over how long the bomb took to blow up. Teh end.
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