Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Dead Stop

Dead Stop: With the ship damaged and unable to go too fast, they visit an automated repair station.

They're still working on the hull breaches from the minefield. The best they can manage is about warp 2, which means they're about a decade away from home. Archer decides to send out a distress call to get some aid in fixing the ship.

Just replicate some more hull se... oh, wait. :)

Reed's still recovering from his leg injury. Phlox says another week or two before he can return to duty.

OMG! the return of the "Archer hears a squeak" arc!

A Tellerite freighter responds to their distress call, but is barely in range. They send some co-ordinates for a repair station, so off they go. The repair station appears to be unresponsive, but then the ship is scanned and the repair station reconfigures to admit Enterprise. Reluctantly, they fly the ship in.

Archer, Trip and T'Pol go on board the repair station, which is very... white, and are impressed by the efficiency of the repair systems. It appears to be automated.

In return for 200 "liters" of warp plasma, the station starts work and lets them in to the "recreation facility". Trip is not impressed by the facilities, but they have replicators. Trip orders pan-fried catfish and his appreciation goes up. Archer is a bit suspicious of what other info the station has acquired.

White. What a limited colour palatte.

The station also repairs Reed's leg. Phlox is very impressed. Archer says it's even fixed the squeak, but contemplates that it all seems too good to be true. Trip and Reed discuss what Star Fleet could do with the technology on the station - Trip wants to get a look at the computer operating it all.

They climb into a ventilation duct and make their way towards the core section. Whups tripped an alarm. The station transports them onto the Enterprise bridge.

Meanwhile, Archer calls Mayweather down to launch bay 1 - the Captain isn't there, but there's a damaged device on the wall. Huh? Archer tells Trip and Reed off and restricts them to quarters. Then T'Pol calls Archer down to launch bay 1 - Mayweather is... oh, he's dead. Whups.

Archer's a bit miffed. He goes to have a chat with the station's computer, which isn't really very forthcoming.

Phlox post-mortems Mayweather, but is interrupted by Hoshi, who wants to say goodbye. Hoshi mentions a practical joke Mayweather played on her a few weeks before. Then Phlox notices something odd and rushes out.

Archer and Reed are checking out Mayweather's quarters when Phlox calls Archer down - the dead Mayweather is not the real Mayweather, but a duplicate. He knows this cause there's a dead vaccine in its bloodstream.

Archer talks to Reed re accessing the comptuer core. Trip stalls while Archer, T'Pol and Reed have another go at accessing the computer core. Reed trips the sensors again, but the others work out where they are and phaser them.

In the station internals, which are a bit less White, they find many aliens. Their brains are being used as part of the computer. They locate Mayweather and free him, while the station starts attacking Enterprise.

After the trio get back to Enterprise, they find the station's starting to shut the ship down. So they detonate the plasma canisters which Trip took on board, and the station explodes.

Archer and T'Pol amble down to sick bay where Mayweather has recovered somewhat. Phlox explains that the station was USING HIS BRAIN!

Meanwhile, the station is rebuilding itself. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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