Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, The Seventh

The Seventh: T'Pol is called off in a super sekret mission to capture a fugitive.

A keyboard. How quaint. T'Pol gets a message from the Vulcans saying they've located someone named Menos.

T'Pol warns Archer in advance she's going on a mission, but gives him little info. The rest of the crew seem to be a bit miffed. I'd hate to be whoever has the cabin next to Archer's. The ball bouncing against the wall all the damn time must be annoying.

Her mission is to pick up a Vulcan fugitive from some mission on a world, etc, etc, and she asks Archer to come too. Archer tells Trip he's going too, but won't say where. T'Pol says Menos smuggles stuff to make biogenic weapons. She almost tracked him down on Risa once, but he got away.

So Archer, Mayweather and T'Pol wander into some sort of colony on one of the worlds and start looking for Menos. Unfortuantely he spots them first, and the shooting starts, but they catch him! Huzzah!

Meanwhile back on Enterprise, Trip, Reed and Phlox have dinner together. Phlox wants to innoculate the crew against some virus, but the innoculations give people the runs. And the interruptions to his meal continue from there.

T'Pol and co can't get their prisoner to the shuttlepod cause the landing deck's being defoliated or something. They sit down and have a chat. OMG, it's Boomtown! Davies ripped off an Enterprise episode?! Menos claims he was never a smuggler and only hauled spent casings of some sort. He's... not very Vulcanish. T'Pol attacks him, then runs off to check Menos' ship for injector casings. Archer points out that the landing pad is covered in acid, but she runs anyway. Indeed, his ship is full of spent injector casings.

Trip pretends to be Archer, and the Vulcan captain lets him know a message from Admiral Forrester - the water polo results. Sheesh.

T'Pol returns and admits to Archer that she found spend injector casings. Menos tells her that she killed one of his mates on Risa, and god that's a scabby looking Vulcan... the other Vulcans appear to have purged the memory from her. T'Pol tells Archer she whacked the other fugitive and subsequently the Vulcans purged the memory. She becomes distressed. Then Menos starts a fire, and T'Pol has to rescue him. Woooo, dramatic. But he gets away in the confusion, adn they have to search his ship.

Archer peptalks T'Pol, cause she's doubting whether Menos is guilty. Meanwhile, Mayweather has found something off on the bridge - they shut it down, and a holowall in the cargo bay shuts down, revealing Menos, who holds T'Pol at gunpoint. After some padding, they start shooting and Menos surrenders.

But then he jumps though a hatch and makes a run for it. T'Pol gets him at gun point again, and Archer talks her into shooting him. Meanwhile, Mayweather has found biotoxins, thus proving Menos is TEH EVIL!

They drop Menos off with the Vulcans and return to Enterprise, where Archer talks to T'Pol some more about dealing with her guilty emotions. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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