Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, The Communicator

The Communicator: Reed accidentally leaves a communicator on a pre-warp planet. Hilarity ensues.

Shuttle returns to Enterprise... Archer, Reed and Hoshi have been visiting a pre-warp culture, then Reed realises he left his communicator on the planet. Oh no, they might invent telephones!

They hunt fruitlessly around the shuttle and decontamination for the communicator. Hoshi tracks down the signal a bit via scanning, while T'Pol looks disapproving. Archer and Reed pop back down...

Why are they going into a bar? Oh, they're looking for the communicator. Reed scans and locates the communicator in a room off a nearby corridor. They go to retrieve it, but there are two people in there with it, so instead they go out and start a bar fight with some soldiers. Clever, eh? The soliders win BECAUSE THEY'RE FECKING SOLDIERS! Sheesh. They take Archer and Reed out back, onfiscate their weapons and scanners and stuff, and start with the interrogating. I think they've done enough contaminating for one trip.

Enterprise rings Archer, but gets no response. They track down the communicator by scan, and then start scanning for Archer and co. Who are in some sort of prison.

Reed grumbles. Cheer up, damn you! They're taken and interrogated some more. Hmm, didn't take long for the face slapping to start. Suddenly they realise their prisoners are wearing prosthetic foreheads and have red blood. Yay! Time to start dissecting the aliens!

Hoshi locates the prison where the pair are being held. Wait, they've still got the Suliban cell ship with cloak device from the pilot ep?! They kept that quiet. Trip does something and gets thrown on his arse, but the cloak works! Trip's arm appears to be perminantly cloaked. Er, weird.

Phlox says his arm will eventually reappear, and gives him a glove to fill in the gap.

The army on the planet try out the phase pistol and are mighty impressed. Their doctor x-rays the prisoners and realises they're aliens. The interrogation begins again. Archer makes up a story about how they're really enemy agents and not aliens at all. The army fellows aren't convinced, and the doctor wants to dissect one.

Hoshi reports intercepting a communication reporting that the prisoners are going to be hanged. Meanwhile, Mayweather and Trip work on the pod, and Mayweather makes jokes about Trip's arm. T'Pol orders immediate launch.

Archer and Reed discuss what'll happen when they're dead. Archer considers taking the general up to Enterprise to show them around, but decides they're doing the right thing by not contaminating the planet any further.

Enterprise launches the Suliban ship as the prisoners are being lead to CERTAIN DOOOOOOOM! The cloak turns off. Whups. Intercepters close in, but they manage dto get the cloak back online. Who uses gallows instead of a firing squad? huh? The pair are ready to be hung, when the Suliban pod lands in the courtyard and mount a rescue. As the firefight rages, Archer goes and retrieves the midding equipment and x-rays. Successful getaway! They go get the shuttlepod and return to Enterprise.

Archer thanks T'Pol for coming down to save his arse. T'Pol says they contaminated the culture, and he should be ashamed, but he was willing to die to try to minimise the damage, so it's all cool. Trip's arm is back. Mostly. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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