Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Singularity

Singularity: Radiation makes the crew go funny.

Let's see... Enterprise on course for a trinary system... everyone but T'Pol unconscious... heading for a black hole... Expositionary splurge over.

*guitar riff*

T'Pol continues with her log - the trinary starsystem contains a black hole, and Archer's keen to go take a look. they have to go in using impulse though, cause. I didn't catch. He also asks Trip to check the Captain's chair, cause it's uncomfortable. WTF? Is that the B plot or something?

Chef is ill. Yay. Also Archer has to write a preface for a biography of his dad - T'Pol offers advice. Hoshi takes over the mess hall and prepares to make soup. Mayweather reports to sick bay with a headache. Phlox needs to work on his bedside manner. Seriously.

Trip pisses T'Pol off. Dude. Reed tells Archer that he wants a better reaction to incoming threats. What is this? a day in the life?

Reed tries to think up names for the new "red alert", while Trip tries to redesign the captain's chair. "Reed alert". Oh ha ha.

Phlox brainprobes Mayweather and says he has to stay overnight in case he has cloaked brain parasites or something. Archer attempts to record his preface and only gets more pissed.

T'Pol reports the trinary system was emitting some sorta odd radiation, and Trip starts bitching at her about the captain's chair. In sickbay, Mayweather and Phlox are acting equally oddly. Calm down, peoples! Mayweather really wants to get back to work, while Phlox wants to dissect his brain. This ends with Phlox administering a hypo to knock him out.

Reed interrupts Trip working on the chair to talk about his tactical alert, both get pissed off. Meanwhile, Hoshi obsesses over the soup and shouts at the help.

T'Pol finds Reed acting oddly in the armoury, and he complains at length about Archer and his water polo. Archer goes down to engineering to get Trip's opinion of his preface, and gets scanned so Trip can design a better chair. They nearly have a fight when Trip suggests that he's a bit long winded.

Reed trips a tactical alert, and then, ah, finally a fight breaks out. By now, T'Pol has realised something is seriously wrong. She attempts to talk to Archer, but he tells her to get lost and goes back to working on his preface (now 19 pages long). In sickbay, she finds Phlox about to dissect Mayweather's brain. She nerve-pinches him.

The crew (aside from T'Pol) becomes unconscious - she determines it's the radiation from the trinary system and tries to work out a way through to the other side. She starts by giving Archer a cold shower, and explains someone has to pilot the ship while she works out course corrections.

Archer flies... like a drunk. OMG, they're playing Asteroids now. Finsally they get through the debris field and out of the radiation. The crew starts coming around, with headaches.

Phlox checks everyone out and says there aren't any lingering effects. Archer tells Reed he wants to make the tactical alert standard procedure, except change the alarm, then goes to try out his new chair - Trip says he lowered it one centimetre.

Oh, so *that's* why Kirk sat like that all the time. Uncomfortable chair.
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