Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point: After Hoshi beams up, she feels a bit funny and has a lie down.

Hoshi and Trip explore some ruins. A storm is coming in fast, toooo fast, and the shuttlepod is out of the question. Archer decides to beam them up, despite Hoshi's protests. So they do. Hmm.

Hoshi says she found beaming up unsettling. She's told the story about Cyrus Ramsey, who never rematerialised. Great, that should calm her fears. She pops in to sick bay and talks to Phlox, who says all her molecules are still there, but she still doesn't feel right.

She goes to bed, but is called to the bridge, where Archer tells her Trip and Mayweather have been taken hostage. Hoshi's unable to translate the alien's speech, and goes back to her quarters, where she looks in the mirror and sees herself fading away. Jeeze, the Enterprise showers are seriously hardcore.

People ignore Hoshi. A lot. Then the electronics start ignoring her too. She goes back to Phlox and complains about feeling invisible. Phlox reassures her again, so she visits Trip who's back on the ship (it got sorted) and is on one of those 0G things. Dude's gonna get sick if he keeps that up. What the hell is that for anyway? Odd sort of exercise equipment. Trip suggests asking Phlox for a sedative. Then after he leaves, she starts passing through things and fading out again.

Hoshi wakes up to find she's apparently been rendered intangible and invisible. Phlox reports that the molecular scans he took of Hoshi show her molecules are coming apart. Trip tracks down a transporter malfunction which is causing the problem. Phlox says she's likely gone by now.

She follows Phlox and Trip around trying to make contact with them, then starts hearing voices. The pair scrape up sum gum which looks like it might be Hoshi. Trip is very depressed.

Hoshi sees a couple of aliens sticking things on Enterprise's internals. She attempts to tell Archer, but is still non-visible. He contacts her father to tell him the bad news. She manages to make a light flash and gives him an SOS via morse. When he shows T'Pol, the Vulcan suggests he goes and has a lie down.

Hoshi goes and follows the aliens for a bit. One of them starts planting bombs on the warp core. She uses their master control to deactivate them, puzzling the aliens. But they reactivate the bombs and beam off. She jumps on the pad as well... and ends up on the transporter pad.

Reed says she was trapped in the pattern buffer for a few seconds during transport up from the surface. It was alllllll a dream. Phlox gives her a clean bill of health. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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