Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, The Catwalk

The Catwalk: With a storm fast approaching, the crew shelter in the warp nacelles.

They do they climb in the top of the shuttlepods when there are side doors? Some aliens turn up and say they wanna come aboard cause there's an oncoming storm, but Archer says Enterprise can only do warp 5, which presumibly isn't fast enough to outrun the storm.

T'Pol says they're doooooooooooomed, cause the radiation in the storm will kill them all. Trip suggests sheltering the crew on the catwalk - which runs the length of the nacelles. Archer welcomes the three aliens on board, and the evacuation to the nacelles starts. Phlox complains he doesn't have enough room for his pets. Archer says he looked up the Vulcan ship T'Pol mentioned was in a storm, and it was destroyed. greeeeat.

Finally, they shut all power down and finish the evac. Splunk! The storm hits. There's a bit of shaking and so on. Archer wanders about being affable and reassuring people. Trip complains the aliens are unfriendly. Reed seeks treatment for motion sickness. He picked the right profession then. Sheesh.

Then Archer goes and watches some water polo. He suggests this is actually cool and like camping, and also suggests T'Pol gets out more and talks to the crew.

Reed complains that Trip didn't think of building a shower. Trip says they're having movie time. Then they realise the aliens are cooking over a plasma manifold. WTF?

The core starts coming online, forcing Trip to go down to engineering to turn it off again. Down there, he finds some sorta device and hides when some people appear. There's a ship attached to Enterprise and aliens are roaming the ship. Apparently they are looking for the three fugitives and don't know where the crew has gone. Um, haven't they noticed Enterprise keeps making course corrections?

Archer interrogates the three fugitives, who say they're deserters from a corrupt militia.

The militia chaps prepare to bring the warp engines online, which will fry everyone on the catwalk. Uh oh. Archer, Reed and T'Pol suit up and go out to deal with the matter. Archer hails the militia and tells them to feck off and threatens to destroy the ship. The militia start hunting for Archer, while Mayweather steers the ship towards a plasma eddie. Reed and T'Pol get the warp reactor shut down.

The militia abandon ship as it nears the plasma eddie, and Mayweather steers the ship out of danger. Later, T'Pol watches a western some of the other crewmembers, and the ship comes out of the storm. Archer says goodbye to the three fugitives. Teh end.
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