Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Dawn

Wooo, one with a deleted scene finally. I was beginning to wonder if they'd started forgetting to put extras on...

Dawn: An alien ship shoots down Trip's shuttlepod.

The chairs in the shuttlepods are quite nice... Ah, Trip's working on an autopilot or something. Archer radios to let him know there's a small vessel approaching. Said vessel immediate shoots down the shuttle which crashes on a nearby planet.

Enterprise arrives to look for Trip, but their sensors aren't working well. There are some 62 moons he could have landed on.

Trip works on fixing his radio, but hears something out in the bush. An alien appears and starts shooting at him. The people around here are just all kinds of friendly. The alien makes off with his transceiver.

An Arkonian ship turns up and tells Enterprise to leave. Archer says he's not leaving til they find Trip, and asks the Arkonian captain to help in the search.

Trip, meanwhile, has tracked the alien back to find that it's the Arkonian from the ship which attacked his shuttlepod. Using cunning plan #51, he draws the Arkonian away with a recording, and then has a fight with it. his enemy gets the upper hand and shoots him. Yay for communication difficulties. The Arkonian seems to want his help fixing the communicator.

T'Pol says the Vulcans made first contact with the Arkonians, but they turned out to be unpredictable and hostile. Yay, that scene was pointless. We already pretty much knew they're grumpy.

Trip manages to get enough communications to swap names - his friend is Zho'Kaan. What a great name. Trip tries some of Zho'Kaan's drink, but doesn't like it all that much, and then goes back to fixing the transmitter. Then he gashes his arm, and Zho'Kaan spits on it. Arkonian spit is one mighty powerful medicine, apparently. Zho'Kaan's communicator can't be fixed though, so Trip has to force him to go back to the shuttlepod.

T'Pol says during the day, temperature on the moon's surface can reach up to 170 degrees (Celcius or farenheit??).

Trip finally gets the transceiver fixed, but the rocks are interfering, so he decides to take it to higher ground. Unfortunately once he unties Zho-Kaan so they can carry it up together, the fight starts again. I think Trip won. He chucks the gun away, and Zho-Kaan helps him carry the transmitter higher.

The sun starts rising on them, and they start heating up. Finally they get a reply. Phlox says that transporting the Arkonian pilot will most likely be fatal. Trip refuses to beam up until they find a way to get Zho'Kaan as well, and suggests one of the Arkonian ships could retrieve them.

Trip sweats some more and begins to ramble. But then an Arkonian ship turns up and rescues them. He's going to have one hell of a sunburn.

T'Pol says so far the humans have much better relations with the Arkonians. Trip meets with Zho'Kaan again, and communicates better with the aid of the universal translator. Teh end.

OK, I hate to mention this, but Dawn was just a rehash of the TNG episode "The Enemy", which was a rip-off of the movie "Enemy Mine".
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