Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Stigma

Woo, deleted scenes *and* a commentary

Stigma: T'Pol has a disease transmitted by mind melds, which are frowned on in Vulcan society.

T'Pol has some infectious disease which might kill her. OH NOES!

I actually liek the theme tune now. tis not bad.

Enterprise is in orbit (upside-down) around a planet for a medical conferance, and also they meet one of Phlox's wives, Feezal, who is surprisingly normal, and seems to be overly interested in Trip. Probably wants him for a fourth husband.

Phlox talks to Vulcan doctors about the disease T'Pol has, but they're not helpful. Trip and Feezal assemble a microscope together in sick bay.

Some Vulcans nip up to Enterprise to visit and talk to Phlox and T'Pol. The disease is apparently transmitted by mind meld, which frowned on in Vulcan society. They're obviously a bit suspicious of T'Pol, and find she has the disease.

Feezal and Trip play with the microscope. and Trip calls it a bitch. WTF? And then Feezal flirts with Trip some more. Phlox makes no sign of noticing cause, hey, polygomy is fine on Denobula.

Archer bitches at Phlox and T'Pol about not telling him T'Pol was ill. There's a stigma because mind melding is verbotin, and OMG this is just a gay/AIDS allergory. Oh, this is from when she was mindraped by that guy back in season 1. Archer says Phlox has been kicked out of the conferance, but he aims to get any data which my help T'Pol.

He talks to the Vulcan doctors. Go on, tell them about the mindrape. The Vulcans docs are unhelpful. Then T'Pol receives a message from one of the doctors asking her to meet him. The doc hands over research on the disease, cause he's one of the ones who can mind meld. He suggests she tell the other doctors about the mindrape before they tell the Vulcan high command.

Feezal joins Hoshi and Trip for food, then Hoshi leaves... Trip escapes a few minutes later and goes and complains to Reed.

Phlox says with the research, he should be able to make more progress than the Vulcans have. Archer says the Vulcan docs have decided to recall T'Pol and take her back to Vulcan, but they haven't told the high command. T'Pol doesn't want to tell the Vulcans she was mindraped, because it would be condoning the prejudice (what?!)

Archer storms down to the planet and bitches at the lead Vulcan, then pulls regulations and arranges some sort of hearing.

Hey, look, there's Mayweather. You mean he's actually still on board? Trip admits to Phlox that his wife keeps flirting at him. Phlox cheerfully encourages him, but he's too skittish to "play around with another man's wife". Denobulans are swingers, baby.

Archer persuades T'Pol to speak at the gay rights hearing. At the hearing, he bitches at them some more about being bigotted. Oops, the mind-meld capabile doc just outed himself. He mentions T'Pol was mind-raped, but T'Pol refuses to confirm it.

Phlox and Feezal make Trip uncomfortable some more, then giggle about him after he leaves.

Archer says the outed doc was suspended, but T'Pol has been unrecalled. She intends to defend him against being suspended. Enterprise continues orbiting upside down. Teh end.
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