Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Cease Fire

Cease Fire: Archer is called in to negotiate in a Vulcan/Andorian conflict.

Andorians! They're blue, y'know. The Vulcans are attacking them, and want to discuss terms for surrender. Jeff Combs says he wants to try to contact Archer for help.

Enterprise is warping along merrily when Admiral Forrest rings Archer and says the Vulcans have asked for help settling the Vulcan/Andorian conflict. Apparently the Vulcans and Andorians are fighting over a planet, Fawkland Islands style.

They meet with Soval who explains there are Vulcans being held hostage, and Jeff has asked for Archer to mediate. Phlox says there's some funky disease on the planet and zaps Archer a bit, and tells him to be careful re the whole war zone thing.

T'Pol is vaguely concerned that Archer doesn't actually have a plan. The pair land and immediately have guns aimed at them by Andorians. They're taken to Jeff, who's vaguely amused they expected champagne. Uh oh, the sniping has started.

Jeff says they'll release the prisoners if the Vulcans all leave and give the planet back to the Andorians, to which the reply is they need to find someone else to be their messenger boy. Jeff wants to talk to Soval. The Andorians agree to release one prisoner in exchange to talking to Soval.

Soval refuses to remove the stick from his arse, and Archer says the ball is in his court. Soval agrees to go down. More Andorian ships are, apparently, on their way.

The Andorians don't believe the situation will be resolved. Archer's only got another 25 minutes to do something... On the way down, the shuttlepod is shot down. What was the point of that? They were landing anyway. "We need to reduce speed." "The ground should do that for us." Greeeeat. After landing slightly harder than intended, they debate what to do.

The Vulcans tell Trip they want to mount a rescue attempt. Yeah, that'll go well. Meanwhile the Andorians argue over what happened, and send their own search parties out. Soval complains T'Pol has picked up an accent.

More stuff happens. It sorta advances the plot without saying much. Archer and co come under fire from Andorians and Soval is injured. Archer manages to jump one and... oh, the Andorian ships have turned up. Trip orders the ship between the Vulcans and Andorians.

Archer captures the other Andorian, who's one of Jeff's pals. Then Archer trips, and there's another fight. Archer win, and Jeff and his mates turn up.

The Andorians and Vulcans in orbit argue, and Trip says he'll open fire on any ship which makes an agressive move.

They convince Jeff his lieutenant is a traitor and he has her arrested.

Talks begin, and they come to a compromise and have a wee drinkie. Teh end.
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