Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Future Tense

I'm getting a vague feeling this story is going to involve time travel of some sort...

Future Tense: Enterprise locates a pod in space which probably came from 900 years in the future.

Hey, look, it's a piece of Babylon 5. Or possibly an escape pod. They bring it on board and crack it open (uh, ever think it might be sealed for a reason?) And inside is......... Oh, ARcher's getting in. He's brave. Oh, a dead dude. A dead human dude.

Phlox checks out the dead dude. Archer thinks it might be Zephram Cochrane, who disappeared while testing something or other (See TOS). Meanwhile, Trip, Mayweather and Reed puzzle over the pod - they can't find any motive source. Archer consults Star Fleet.

Reed an Trip find smurf blood in the ship, and open a hatch to find a long well with ladder. OMG, it's bigger on the inside. The pair cheerfully make their way down, without telling anyone where they're going.

Some Suliban turn up and say they have prior claim to the pod Enterprise picked up. Archer tells them to get lost.

Trip and Reed find something in the pod, while the Suliban start attacking, then the pair have a firefight with a couple of Suliban who got on board. There was a point to that, I assume.

Archer arranges to turn the pod over to a Vulcan ship to be taken back to Earth. While Trip and Reed work on the device they've found, Phlox says the dead dude is part Vulcan and part several other species - the produce of a number of generations of cross breeding.

Archer goes back and looks in Daniels' quarters for clues. T'Pol thinks it's unlikely humans and Vulcans could crossbreed. They find info on the ship they've found. Hmm, a time ship which is bigger on the inside than on the outside. There's an original and novel idea.

A new ship turns up - the Tholians. The Tholians say there's a danger of temporal radiation and lock on with a tractor beam until Archer threatens to destroy the pod. Archer wonders who's going to turn up next.

Phlox and T'Pol compare notes. Phlox thinks eventually the Vulcan science directorate may accept the idea of time travel. Trip and Reed get the whatever-it-is going, and then accidentally trigger a time loop. Just waggle his tail.

T'Pol says there's temporal radiation. Duh. Archer orders the launch bay sealed off. She doesn't think they're going to make the rendezvous, as more alien ships will probably turn up. She also doesn't think they should be involved in any temporal cold war.

Trip thinks the device they got working is a subspace beacon. Meanwhile, more Suliban ships turn up, and they're 3 minutes from the rendezvous. They arrive... but the Vulcan ship has already been disabled... by the Tholians.

The Tholians disable Enterprise, but then the Suliban turn up and engage the Tholians in combat. Archer tells Trip to get the transmitter working, and they work on getting a torpedo ready to blow up the pod as a last resort.

Archer and Reed time-loop. The Tholians destroy the Suliban and demand the pod again. T'Pol stalls, but the Tholians attempt to board Enterprise while Archer and Reed are still looping. Ahh, Trip got the transmitter working. wooo dramatic.

Archer and Reed enject the pod, but the Tholians neutralise the warhead inside. Trip's deivce, the corpse and the pod all disappear, presumably taken back... to the future!

Enterprise helps out the Vulcans... and then they discuss where all the cool stuff went and speculate on whether the Vulcan High Command will believe there might be human/Vulcan hybrids someday.
Tags: enterprise

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