Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Canamar

Canamar: Archer and Trip are arrested and put on a transport to a penal colony.

Ah, the old start-with-a-damaged-shuttlepod thing. Enterprise is attempting to contact it, as Archer is (supposed to be) on board. But it's completely dead (Jim).

Having brought the suttlepod on board, they go through Archer's logs. "Dear diary, T'Pol pissed me off again today by pointing out I was wrong again. Damn her pointy ears. Love, Archer". They set a course to the shuttle's last known port of call.

Meanwhile, some aliens have Archer and Trip prisoner. Ooo, pain cuffs. Kinky! Archer tries to get more info - they're on the way to a penal colony. Archer and Trip have been accused of smuggling. Dinner is gruel. Trip is hassled by a Naussican, and doesn't get any further convincing anyone he and Archer are innocent.

T'Pol and co contact the authorities and establish where Archer and Trip are being taken.

Unfortunately before the pair can be released, there's a revolt and some prisoners take over the ship.

OMG, it's Con Air. Dear Enterprise writers. Please stop ripping off movies wholesale. Kthxbai.

Archer talks them into letting him fly the ship. What the hell is Archer wearing anyway? doesn't look like standard uniform. They set course for a binary system, and Archer engages a prisoner in conversation. Trip has the same problem - his friend is a little too talkative. Two patrol ships close in on the prison transport. They surrender... but then flood the patrol ships with plasma and make their escape.

The chap on Enterprise says his patrol ships have been given orders to destroy the prison transport cause capturing it is too risky.

Trip tells the prisoner beside him to shut the hell up. It works. Ze ship reaches the binary system - Archer's prisoner chum says he'll set the ship on a decaying orbit after leaving it, so it'll crash and the authorities will think he died on board with the other prisoners. Charming.

Or possibly Blake's Seven.

Enterprise reaches the binary system too, BTW. Random scene-age.

Archer decides they need to take over the ship. Trip whacks the Naussican, but is stunned by the other escaped prisoner. Archer reluctantly takes over fixing the docking hatch. The relief ship docks... and Reed and his posse storm out. A quick firefight later, and the ship's reclaimed. They evac everyone to the shuttle while the ship starts plunging into the atmosphere...

One of the escaped prisoners comes around and shut himself on the ship with Archer. They struggle, and eventually Reed drags Archer onto the shuttle, while the prisoner is left on the doomed transport, and does an impression of Adric.

Back on Enterprise, the alien high-up dude attempts to apologise, and Archer snaps at him. Teh end.
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