Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Judgment

Judgment: Archer is put on trial by the Klingons.

My gosh, some Klingons. and I was just saying to Jeff they'd only appeared once this season. Teh Klingons have Archer on trial. He looks unhappy. Teh end.

Oh, wait, there's more!

Phlox pays Archer a cell visit. He's recovering from plague, eh? ARcher asks his lawyer for some exposition, but they go to the court instead.

Ex-captain Duras appears to give evidence: Duras's ship was pursuing rebels and ran into Enterprise, which was sheltering the rebels, and told Duras to piss off. The Klingons pursued Enterprise into some planetary rings, where the humans used Cunning Plan #746 to pwn the Klingon ship and bug out.

The prosecutor is happy because he gets to shout some more. Archer demands to be able to defend himself, and after they zap him a few times with pain sticks, the judge calls recess.

Archer's lawyer says the judge will be lenient if he says where the rebels are (Dantooine!!), but Archer refuses. If Archer would get the stick out of his arse for a moment, he might make more progress. He pep talks his lawyer a bit to try to stir him up.

Court is back in session. Archer's lawyer demands to allow Archer to give evidence. Judgey agrees.

Archer sez: Enterprise received a distress call and came to the aid of a damaged ship. They treat some aliens and feed them, etc. Archer decided to find them a new home.. but then Duras' ship turned up.

The prosecutor announces that Archer committed an act of war by attacking the Klingon ship. To Klingons, sneezing is an act of war. Tsk.

Back in flashback land, the Enterprise crew were working on Cunning Plan #746. The Klingons gave them a call to shout a bit and then start shooting. Enterprise nips into the planetary rings and enacts said plan and sods off.

Archer's lawyer brings up the Broken Bow incident and the one with the Klingon ship in the gas giant. Later on in the cell, they drink blood wine and the lawyer waxes lyrical about the history of the Klingon empire and stuff.

Judgey says guilty. Bummer! But he commutes the sentence to life imprisonment on the planet from Star Trek 6. Panties. Archer's lawyer goes into rant mode. Judge says "Right, you're going too!"

Meanwhile on Enterprise, they contemplate a rescue attempt, but T'Pol wants to take a diplomatic route.

Archer and lawyer break ice on Rua Penthe, and Archer gets better up by the guards a bit. Then Reed turns up in the next batch of prisoners. Archer offers to get the lawyer out too, but lawyer wants to stay for some insane reason. Teh end.

Huzzah! A good episode!
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