Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Horizon

Horizon: Mayweather visits the Horizon, the cargo ship he used to serve on.

Rare Mayweather appearance! Enterprise is reversing course. Yay!

Enterprise is, in fact, nipping back to look at some planet or other. Mayweather wants to visit his folks on the Horizon... Trip invites T'Pol to movie night again. They're watching Frankenstein.

Then Mayweather gets word his dad's dead and Archer goes to console him. T'Pol attempts to get a medical excuse to cop out of movie night (what about the AIDS she had the other week?). They drop Mayweather off on the Horizon and he wanders around the ship saying hi to his mother, old friends, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Hello? Plot? Character conflict? Somebody? Anybody?

Oh, and we're back to Enterprise, which is in orbit around the planet and setting up cameras. T'Pol suggests to Trip that instead of watching Frankenstein, they do a dramatic reading of the novel. Killjoy. Archer suggests she goes to the movie because it'll be fun, and then suggests they make it a date. That was a three minute scene and more interesting than the whole 10 minutes before it.

Horizon's captain bitches at Mayweather for reconfiguring the plasma injector. Ass. He goes and sulks in his quarters til a childhood friend turns up to chat. Then the ship comes under attack. The attacking ships attack a signal device to the hull and piss off. Mayweather thinks they should fight, while the others think they should run for it.

Largely irrelevant B-plot scene on Enterprise, hooooo!

Mayweather and the Horizon captain argue some more. Ohh, the Captain's his brother. Then Mayweather goes to sulk some more and takes to his mother. He wants to stay and help upgrade the ship, but his mom talks him out of it.

Back with Enterprise, the planet starts exploding and T'Pol reports she's detected life forms on the surface.

Aliens turn up and demand Horizon. Horizon drops the cargo and returns fire, knocking out the enemy vessel's weapons and engines. Then they continue on their way, the captain sorta thanks Mayweather before he returns to Enterprise. Teh End.
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